PSA: If you do use browser, be aware it doesn't block or trackers

For Facebook tracking Brave white-lists

According to Brave developers, it's white-listed due to causing Facebook login to break if blocked.

See issue #1108 on Github…

@wuwei @Rastal doesn't #Brave make its money by selectively whitelisting ads? For that reason Brave is inherently a bad tool for #privacy.


Haven't heard something about that

I do know however know a lot of funding is coming from their cryptocurrency that is funded by them filling sites with their own ads.
It includes replacing actual ads as well as apparently adding them to some addfree sites


@wuwei @Rastal the two under-handed ways that ad-blockers profit is by whitelisting ads that pay the ad blocker not to block, and indeed the non-whitelisted ads are often replaced by ads that benefit the ad blocking project. I knew Brave made use of one or both of those schemes but didn't recall which.

@resist1984 @wuwei @Rastal I don't see the problem with this. They replace bad ads with simple ones that don't track. And that's an option. I also understand not breaking fb login. I'm guessing firefox does this as well since I can use fb on it.

@jordan31 @Rastal @wuwei I'm not sure if Brave is transparent about that. If not, certainly there's a problem w/deception. Users believe they're getting ad blocking, but they're getting ad replacement shenanigans instead.

@wuwei @Rastal @jordan31 also, the user has no duty to accept ads (targeted or not), and no duty to ensure a suppliers business is profitable. There are non-profit efforts to block as many ads as possible and those are the most ethical (noting that advertising is an arms race we need not accept).

Firefox does it differently, Firefox allows users different levels of tracking protection, they can choose standard, stricter or customize it.
@resist1984 @wuwei

@resist1984 @wuwei @Rastal to me they are the only ones really putting forth an effort for ads to be a thing but safe. Kind of appeasing both sides while people make money.


You should use uBlock Origin with "Anti-Facebook List" instead

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