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rat @RatWithScarf@mastodon.social

anyways, let me know if you are down to test tabletop game stuff, and if you're more interested in doing one shots or campaign stuff

SECRET PROJECT is...so close to testing

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's so close i can...well i can't taste it, i don't know what playtesting tastes like, but IT"S SO CLOSE

one of these days i need to find a group of people running monsterhearts who are gullible/permissive enough to let me run the duelist playbook

somebody make a browser extension that changes every mention of 'amazon' to 'bezos hell,' thanks in advance

the absurdity of video game guns Show more

one of the things that fills me with a sizable amount of despair is that i've never finished a monster hunter game but i did beat final fantasy explorers

reboot of the monty hall show where they cheat and always hide the goat behind the second closed door just to piss off anyone who knows the solution to the monty hall problem

making👏 progress👏 on👏 SECRET👏 PROJECT👏

pomodoro is good, actually, i can't believe it works

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one of these days i really do need to get the char aznable/shadow the hedgehog venn diagram set up

the metal sonic design is like clamp knew shadow the hedgehog was going to exist seven years down the line, but they couldn't wait, so they made metal sonic into their would be brooding goth boy

things discovered today: the existence of the clamp sonic doujin where everyone is drawn as pretty anime people (except robotnik) mastodon.social/media/V8fmKYzJ mastodon.social/media/YijTY1Xq

uspol, verrit Show more

this week i'm going to introduce a friend to g gundam, so master asia and his beautiful brand of nonsense are on the brain right now


five seconds after i posted this, it finally let me have one Cool Dragon

now i just need, everything else, and two more cool dragons

yelling at a 16 year old emulated gba game because it will not let me have a Cool Dragon

i am delving headlong into the 1980's mercedes-benz selling guide. join me at your own peril.



play more ffxii...or finally watch that hour-long video about how to sell a mercedes in the 80's...hmmm

such difficult choices i must make