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crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comic=02-106 NEW CROSSED WIRES UPDATE IS LIVE! It’s showdown time and nobody’s playing fair.

Read from the beginning here: crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comi Buy the book here: oreillyjay.tictail.com/product … Send me a tip here: ko-fi.com/irisjay

this is of course, a continuation of the tradition of mecha works like gundam, in which names like "Quattro Bajeena", "Hush Middy", "South Burning", and "Bring Stabity" are all perfectly acceptable names

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in preparation for tomorrow's first playtest of SECRET PROJECT, i have built a random name generator for npcs and have filled it with the worst names

started installing nier automata, came back to find the game had loaded and started looping a preview cutscene that my cat was intently watching

SECRET PROJECT update: i didn't realize you could use some shit in the game to make a character who is "dread pirate roberts but with a mech"

but holy shit, you can use some shit in the game to make a character who is "dread pirate roberts but with a mech"

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reading a book on tarot and listening to the persona 3 final boss theme on loop, mostly because i can and slightly because i find it funny

yeah i'm leaving that typo, what of it

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i'm reading a 19th century pamphlet about werewolves and it's kind of amazing?

in fantasy/sci-fi media they'll sometimes do a thing where certain mythological and historical events were actually a manifestation of (fantasy/sci-fi element) like "oh these stories about gods are actually about wizards/aliens"

and this pamphlet is doing that but 1. everything is werewolves and 2. werewolves are real

just imagining a group of people sitting around a fire terrified out of their minds by someone telling a story of the dreaded 'werecow'

holy shit people thought werecows were a thing??? i thought that was just a joke

tired: carly rae jepsen

wired: carly rae jepsen with a sword

inspired: carly rae jepsen with five swords, wielding them all at once