In UPA era

16 Dec12-Nirbhaya gt raped

22 Dec12-Centre formed judicial committee

23 Dec12-Sonia Gandhi went to meet Protesters at her own will

24 Dec12-PM Manmohan did television address

3 Apr13-Nirbhaya Act passed

10 Sept13-Rapists got death sentence

Compare it with Nw

Students r denying education
*as teacher is अनार्य (non-hindu)*

Students r being denied education
*as they can’t afford it now*

BJP’s Karnataka MLA Horse Trading

A recordin clip released exposin BJP offrd 20cr each to switch sides

Nagaraj’s money grw by 185cr aftr joining BJP

Mahadev say 40cr ws offered to him frm BJP

Jarkiholi&Vishwanath said BJP contacted thm with offr

‘Voting is illusion’

Aftr Fees Hike

2 Seater Room rent- 300pm
Water, Elec ,Wifi- 1700pm
Mess chrg- 2500pm
Estblshmnt chrg- 1100 pr sem
Othr - 300pm

Approx- 60000 pr yr

JNU report say 40% of its student’s parental income is less than 12k pm = 144000

यें ग़रीब सपने कैसे देखते है😠

While Modi ji is selling India

Over 200 PSUs representatives r planning for agitation in Jan,2020

to oppose govt policy of disinvestment & privatisation

And u knw who’s organising all this ??

Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, the RSS affiliated trade union

क्या चल रहाँ है भाई ?

JNU’s National institutional Ranking

In 2018 - 2nd Top

In 2019 - 2nd Top

Not a single Indian university featured in the world’s top 500, except JNU & DU

पढ़ने दो भाई उनको, तुम गाऊँ मूत्र पियो ना

Hw Modiji deals wth dissent

Sedition imposed on common people for AntiModi memes

Activists,professors,leaders being house arrest,jailed &even killed

FIR agnst 49 celebs for writing letter to Modi

J&K clampdwn

India strips citizenship frm Atish Taseer for criticising Modi

Despite of so many Master Strokes like

-3000cr statue


-Kashmir 370 abrogation

-Ayodhya Verdict

-Howdy Modi

I wonder why

GDP growth forecast is low 4.2% ?

सही मात्रा में झूट,जुमले और थोड़े आँसू डालता है

उनको झूठे राष्ट्रवाद और झूठे इतिहास में मिलाता है

हानिकारक बता कर एक समूह को अलग छाँटता है

नफ़रत-क्रोध को ख़ूब उबाल देता है

बेरोज़गारी,धीमी अर्थव्यवस्था,बढ़ते जुर्म को नए बर्तन में परोसता है

- चाय वाला चुना था ना ?

I once read a story about crabs. If put in a deep container, instead of climbing up they'd pull each other down. This is response of India's whataboutery population after hearing about JNU. Instead of talking about more universities affordable, they want to make JNU unaffordable. They are angry about how could they get a degree for thousands when our children spent lakhs. Not angry with the system that they had to spend lakhs when they could've got it for thousands. Typical crab behavior.

Media : Arey bhai SS or Cong. ki vichaaradhaara to milti hi nahi

Cong.: Aap PDP or BJP ke time pe to nahi bole

Media : 😷

Media in mind💭: Abey to woh gire huye hai hi sabko pata hai,satta ke liye to woh pakistan se bhi mil jayenge

Par aap log to ache hai



The whole world knows it!

What next...?!

Huge discrepancy in Modi's MA degree, claims ex-Gujarat University prof - India News


"Demonetisation was supposed to dramatically increase formal jobs in India, making them better-paying and more secure. The latest jobs data shows the exact opposite has happened," writes Aunindyo Chakravarty.

Still learning how to get used to this new platform. Will add ppl once I'm done learning..

Those who r crying for tax money spend on Edu. at

Nt aware tht below Countries offers free Edu. to public

Sri Panka too

They will nvr ques. Statues,VIP aircraft,Rose petals sprinkle

-Amitabh Rajan-Chairman,RBI Service Broad
-Sanjaya Baru-Frmr PM’s media advisor & writer of the accidental PM
-Abhay K.-Indian Ambassador to Madagascar & Comoros
-P. Sainath-Renowed journalist & winner of Ramon Magsaysay
-T. Ahmad-VC of Jamia Millie Islami

-Arvind Gupta-Ind Deputy National Security Advisor
-Ali Zeiden-Frmr PM of Libya
-B. Bhattarai-Frmr PM of Nepal
-HR Khan-Deputy Governor of RBI
-Venu Rajamony-Ind Amb to Netherlands
-Syed Asif Ibrahim-Frmr IB chief &PM’s envoys countering Terrorism
-Amitabh Kant-CEO of NITI Ayog

Some ExJNU students for you

-Abhijeet Banerjee-Nobel Prize winner
-S. Jaishankar-Mnstr of External Affairs
-Nirmala Sitaraman-Mnstr of Finance
-Yogender Yadav-fondr Swaraj party
-Sitaram Yechury-Sec. Gen. of CPI(M)
-ABS Al Nahyan - founder of Etihad Airlines

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