It's really interesting how I used to think that sample-driven workflows were like, somehow less technical and also less directly useful than purely programmatic ones and now I have an extremely sample-driven workflow on the basis that it's super effective and fast.

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loud music, siren sound effect 

extended sneak peek of this tune

turns out pouring all of your anxieties into a single tune makes it kind of hard to work on some days

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@Felthry So in a programmatic or midi-driven workflow, I load up a bunch of synths and drum controllers, and then sequence what I want.

In a sample-driven workflow, I start by loading a bunch of samples directly into the playlist editor, some are just drums, but many of them are prerecorded melodies, licks, basslines, et cetera, and then I cut and trim them into the desired composition.

@Ratttz Huh. We'd never really considered the latter approach to things.

@Felthry It's a good style to at least become competent in, because it means that the resources your friends and colleagues make become infinitely more useful to you, it makes a really effective tool out of something dirt cheap, and it also means that you can divide your work more effectively.

It's easier to accidentally make the best guitar lick while fucking around and record it, trim it, and drop it into a tune, than it is to invent one on command because the composition calls for that.

@Ratttz I always personally prefer the end results of well done sample driven workflows because I crave me that real authentic instrument sound and growing up constantly listening to nothing but classical music on a very nice sound system for the first ~15 years of my life has given me The Ear for picking synth apart from real instruments <i_never_asked_for_this.mp9>

@mawr A truly bizarre feature of sampling is that the "authenticity" of recording a real thing rubs off on recordings of fake things.

So if I invent a sound using feedback and phase cancelling, record it, and chop it into a tune, and you know that it's been chopped and glitched into place, then you start to imagine the original sound as being a real thing *when it never was*

@Ratttz Oh I totally get it. This isn't a thing for most people, this is a curse I've been afflicted with. :blob_laughing:

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