It's really interesting how I used to think that sample-driven workflows were like, somehow less technical and also less directly useful than purely programmatic ones and now I have an extremely sample-driven workflow on the basis that it's super effective and fast.

loud music, siren sound effect 

extended sneak peek of this tune

turns out pouring all of your anxieties into a single tune makes it kind of hard to work on some days

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@Ratttz I always personally prefer the end results of well done sample driven workflows because I crave me that real authentic instrument sound and growing up constantly listening to nothing but classical music on a very nice sound system for the first ~15 years of my life has given me The Ear for picking synth apart from real instruments <i_never_asked_for_this.mp9>

@mawr A truly bizarre feature of sampling is that the "authenticity" of recording a real thing rubs off on recordings of fake things.

So if I invent a sound using feedback and phase cancelling, record it, and chop it into a tune, and you know that it's been chopped and glitched into place, then you start to imagine the original sound as being a real thing *when it never was*

@Ratttz Oh I totally get it. This isn't a thing for most people, this is a curse I've been afflicted with. :blob_laughing:

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