Foggy day here in Seattle. Today's the first day in about nine that I've decided to take off.

Things have been reasonably okayish, like, it was nice to creep on another DJ's stream and find them playing my tune two days ago.

I might need to rethink or reconfigure my business for this particular moment, because I'm not sure how financially feasible it is given the state of things, but I probably *could* be cranking out more releases of a lower quality...



...But the truth is that I'm more afraid of making it a little bit and then finding out that I'm creatively trapped there, without any time in the day left to continue to improve and learn, than I am scared of just getting so damn good and efficient that I can have time in the day to do both.

Importantly, it's also my business and my life and if I want to be education/learning first, like, that's my decision.

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