A lot of my rejected snares sound like someone trying to teach an ornery horse how to square dance in a school gymnasium

cool things can happen if you like...vocode it in unpredictable and annoying ways.

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Creating a project that just generates new samples/noises for me that sound like:

Current project has sort of gotten away from me. It's been a long time since I've done anything that is through-composed quite to this extent.

if you take a horrible noise and then organize it, it *will* become music

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I'm impossibly depressed, so I'm just gonna practice drumming about it

hunting around for the exact voice for my next project and it's sorta coming along and sorta not

the best part about wrapping the EP is that I can finally go back to the idm inflected breakcore i and only i love

loud music, siren sound effect 

extended sneak peek of this tune

turns out pouring all of your anxieties into a single tune makes it kind of hard to work on some days

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