I put out a new EP today. It's called WORKHORSE, and it's full of some absurdly large basses, jungle breaks, and some light footwork here and there. It's about pushing forward when you're at the brink of exhaustion, the hazy and febrile moments when you're unsure of being able to move forward, but choosing to do it anyway.


Today I put out a new record called "Extradiol". It's full of aggressive drum and bass, some glitchy breaks, and a pinch of lo-fi.

It's out now on Bandcamp (ratttznest.bandcamp.com/album/ ) and once Distrokid gets around to it, it'll also be out on your favorite streaming platform.

Anywho, I had a pretty strong showing in the sample flip fight night event that a friendly label puts on.

Here's my entry; honestly...strongly considering releasing this one officially, at least if I can find some (appropriate) material to release with it.

I'm looking forward to putting out another record before the year is out. I have the equivalent of one tune left to write, but in the meantime, short of any official announcements, here's a sneak peek of one of the record's extremely large bangers: "Reese's Pleases".

every now again i do find a project file that i'm just *baffled* that I stopped working on it given how fucking great the core idea is.

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flashing lights/images, EP release date 

My next record, BAD BREAKS, is due out on October 2nd! It's cover to cover drum breaks, glitched textures, and (mostly) totally cranked tempos.

I haven't been posting much new music here, but I'm still workin' on stuff. Yesterday I spent my afternoon doing a 2 hour sample flip challenge with some friends, and this is what I came up with in that span:

thinkin of putting some lo fi breaks to ruminate to on the EP next month

violent dialogue in dubstep form, loud 

Anyways I've been chilling with the Eat Dis crew (check their bandcamp here: eatdis.bandcamp.com/ ) and participating in their biweekly sample comps. We receive a sample pack from the last winner, and have two hours to put together a tune.

This is what I submitted last night:

Ratttznest - Murder Is An Art (To Practice On Elected Officials)

hm. i might need to swap machines sooner than i thought if i want to keep vocoding

still around

still working on some needlessly aggressive footwork flavored breakcore.

Shameless plugging 

This Friday (that's like...a day and change!!) Midnight Animals is dropping an EP, which you can preorder here, if you like: midnightanimals.com/album/the-

And this coming Monday, I'll be dropping a remix of her tune "What Remains". It sounds like this:

me: I'm thinking of changing my fursona to an ott

you: oh otters are cute

me: I meant one of these

working on a remix i can't share with you (because the original song has yet to be released) but here's a few smeared kick drums as a preview

A lot of my rejected snares sound like someone trying to teach an ornery horse how to square dance in a school gymnasium

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