me: I'm thinking of changing my fursona to an ott

you: oh otters are cute

me: I meant one of these

working on a remix i can't share with you (because the original song has yet to be released) but here's a few smeared kick drums as a preview


yes it's 9:30. yes i'm still working. everything is cool, I just like...wanna keep breaking cores late into the night y'know????????

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I think I've progressed from "my workflow is now sample based" to "I've become more interested in doing things with chopping, rearranging, and pitch shifting to the exclusion of basically everything else except maybe needlessly ornate drum programming.

anyways i finally figured out that the reason i instinctively tune all my kicks and snares up is that, in a breaks heavy genre, having your snare and bass going constantly means that the bass usually covers up the snare's fundamental, so it has less presence. Tuning your kicks and hats up a bit (or a lot), can let them sit a little more comfortably.


Hello everyone! With my workflow down I decided to reopen and im doing it a little differently this time! Im going to be open from now til this Saturday, there are no set slots.

Prices and such are the same as before. This time however I have made a commissions form! Please fill out the form here if you are interested. ^^

🎵 takin' a break from writin' a 175+ BPM breakcore record by

writin' a 170 BPM breakcore remix...🎵

YUGIOH CARD OF THE DAY (08/05/2020): Melffy Mommy

i have mixed feelings about this card

on the one hand it's probably one of the absolute cutest monsters in yugioh and the artstyle is really, really adorable

on the other hand, pronouncing the card name sounds a WHOLE lot like saying "MILFy Mommy"

@paul I haven't written a design document yet, but I suppose if it's well documented and structured in a way that's clear for other people to read and understand (my future self being one of those other people), then at least that work's done when the other hurdles are either gone, obviated, or easier to traverse.

@paul So in order to really do that project justice, before I even begin assembling collaborators and resources, I have to learn a huge suite of languages/technologies that I have only a passing understanding of, in order to pursue a project that, frankly, very few people want.

I *could* probably make a lot of short-term progress if I worked in Max or Pure Data, but neither of those actually integrates into my FL-flavored workflow, so it's a huge fucking diversion from my day-to-day work.

@paul My central problem is that integrating with the current standards of audio work environments requires inheriting the technical debt of the VST standard, as well as dealing with audio disturbingly close to the metal on multiple platforms where audio is handled either poorly or totally fucked.

Putting *that* aside, most of my programming experience has been in Python and various game engines without integrating other people's work, so I'm nowhere near ready to even begin...

My life's ambition is to make a DAW with live-looping over cells as its central organizational metaphor, but the technical hurdles for doing something like that are just so extreme xwx;

All I want is a hitbox but instead of being a fighting game controller, each button sends out either a C5 on a different midi port or changes a midi CC parameter.

re: **keyboard noises** 

@mawr Yeah, I can see how that might be a bit of a pain. My work environment is more mouse-driven than keyboard driven (About 70% pointing to 30% typing/playing), so I don't really feel the pain as acutely as you do, though it looks like the spring on my spacebar has given out and that's a little frustrating. xwx;

re: **keyboard noises** 

@mawr @kelseyhusky Did you get a new mechanical recently?

I'm tempted to buy a boutique keyboard, but I tend to gravitate towards 10-20 dollar throwaways that last me a solid 3-5 years and then get junked.

**keyboard noises** 

which is funny because I thought I had a pretty moderate sound/force when typing but she's like...borderline silent over there.

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