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might fuck around and stream the entirety of celeste later today because why not, i've played it exactly once before

Being an electronic musician is a bit weird because if you don't like any of your hats you can just...make some?

mh connecting dots 

me: oh, the existential terror of being alive is way worse today

also me: i guess i'm just going to switch over to my old hormones while i wait for my doctor to unfuck my current estradiol scrip

Hello! Here is Box Era, my first ever full project, free to download and stream on bandcamp. Please enjoy!
Artist credit for the cover goes to @jaye

I'm considering offering minute long, looping chiptunes, in a handful of styles, on commission, at about 40 bucks a pop. I have a bunch of SNES soundfonts, and NES-type plugins, and I'd offer a few different song types and styles. Would you be interested?

Wrapped a tune today. I got to touch up and mixdown one more, and then figure out what my fourth tune for the EP is supposed to be xwx;;;

Thinking about Chiptune subgenres 

"Platformer Boogie", "Dramatic Anime Prog", "Battle Rondo", "Prog (spooky)", "Combative Jazz Fusion", "Laid Back Fusion", "Symphonic platformer", "Ice Level", "Water Level", "Town Theme", "Castle Theme", "Dungeon Theme", "Salsa or Calypso as heard through a wall one time and then played with synthesizers", "Shop Theme", "I like Earthbound", "This has become a shitpost even though the majority of it wasn't and isn't".

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Thinking about Chiptune subgenres 

I've been thinking about structuring the commission sheet roughly along the lines of portraiture commission because I know a lot of people familiar with buying that, and I was thinking of offering specific chiptune subgenres to guide commissioners and constrain my work, but trying to nail them all down is more challenging than I thought, if only because if Chiptune is "everything in video games that used trackers controlling PCM sound" that's...a lot of music.

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Show tonight! 

Tonight is the night of yesterday's postponed show! I've got some nice tracks to show you, on a setup with updated instruments and new fancy lighting! Very excited to show it off. After the show I'll be attempting to cook up a beat live on camera!
I'll be going live at an hour later than usual, at 9pm est. Hope to see you there!

Anyways, I got like...maybe one more session on this before I'm calling it done.

If I had a complaint about being a netmusic scumbag (other than being broke and having no future) it's that the breakcore scenes I find are a lot less "people who compulsively beatbox in between smoking weed and listening to old Weather Report records" and more "children who haven't had their hearts crushed by chan culture."

once again the sample entitled "burp the baby" has saved me.

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I'm sorry but I will always refer to all percussion in techno outside of kick, snare, open hat, and claps as "bongos" and the phrases associated with them as "bongo ideas".

I mean, a lot of the time they're plucks or some sort of pitched percussiony type things so it seems appropriate?

Anyways I'm out of bongo ideas which is bad

what the fuck am i doin', like, what's the plan here

thinking about doing streams where when i run out of ideas i'm forced to load another voice from a random collection of SNES soundfonts.

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