Did you know that you can remotely build, run and debug software running on the @PINE64 #Pinephone using #CLion ?


This looks like Manjaro Phosh!
That‘s pretty neat with the bar, at the bottom of your second screen, when docked. :)
That ain‘t the case with arch arm danct. (Prolly possible tough)

Feels like desktop. Is it laggy? I mean if you build per remote it should be kinda fluid. 😁
I‘ve just started out with programming (rust), and probably won‘t get into C/variants and stick to nvim atm. :)

@Ravlyx @PINE64 in this case, the monitor is connected to my desktop computer, not to the pinephone. I'm using my desktop to run CLion. It has a feature that allows to remotely build, run and debug code (clion is running on the desktop, but the compiler/debugger run on the pinephone). I'm using phosh on the pinephone and KDE plasma on the desktop 😉

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