This account is now a fully-private account going forward.

If I am following you from this account or we've established that we're close friends, you may follow this account. Otherwise, turn back and go to @RayType4 instead.

hey hey if you're just following me (or have been for a while) thanks for follows but this is probably my secondary account now, go to @raytyping and follow that as well!

so anyways go follow @raytyping, I'll still have a tab for this open but raytyping might be my new "main" account

I'm mentioning this account from raytyping and I don't even get a notification here

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I uh, can't see my cybre alt (@raytyping) from fed TL. But I can see this account and rest of mastosocial from cybre just fine?

tmi involving my mouth 

Lips are sore from all the peeling/chafing. Anyone know of an inexpensive treatment for this?

Well I'm kind of always on there because I have more friends there but if you want to keep following my rambles there you go

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Well since I anticipate Mastodon being kind of a crapshoot for the next few days while everyone tries to sort out load issues, I'm on birdsite as @RayType.

Ironically I come to Chromatic Coffee for tea more than coffee.

When people preach "play whatever you want and however you want" but then whine that people still play Smash Melee, for example

security ranty 

i just wanna use Authy for my logins orz, looking at you That One Site and Steam

though blizzard's authenticator is pretty ace too

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security ranty feat. paypal 

Sure love how I can't use Symantec's VIP Access app anymore for PayPal 2FA because of some "intermittent communication problem" that happens every time I try to activate it

Shit like this and your arbitrary 20-character password upper limit is why more and more people want to quit using you, PayPal -_- Sometimes I wonder if the spoopy ambience that makes up most of the track is meant to get the player to exit the result screen.

take a drink every time you encounter a pair of single-occupancy restrooms that are gendered

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