i'm still mostly posting on Bad Birdsite but I am here for you, too, if you need me

media: socialists are using "masstodon" to communicate, almost certainly about how they can take down america from within
socialists: headpats are stored on the me :blobcatmelt:

doing makeup for the first time in like a year and my face is 40% covered in eyeliner

pretty good: Witchcraft and magic in modern settings, "the magic came back" storylines
extremely my shit: Witchcraft and magic being married with modern science and mathematics. mutating herbs with radiation sources to advance the study of herbology. augmenting the crystal ball with bayesian methods. precursors to bags of holding being regulated like yellowcake

I feel bad for not catching up with friends who've left Twitter I'm so sorry and I love you ;w;

needles, injections 

not really but like, basically

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needles, injections 

I got a flu shot AND took my estrogen shot today and my whole left side has been perforated and all the holes are leaking Girl Essence

oh my goodness I go on Mastodon after being on Twitter this morning and there's no Bowsette unless I want to see Bowsette I feel like I can breathe again

hey big news, I now have microtransactions and you can pay me to power me up and buy more estrogen

me, two minutes ago: dang I've had a lot of wine
me, one minute ago: DANG I'VE SPILLED A LOT OF WINE

if I ever change my fursona I give all of you permission to vandalize my current place of residence

blood, needles 

got Dracula'd at the lab downtown and lemme tell ya, they Fast, it's like a drive-thru where they stick ya with a needle

ive been on The Othersite purely because I am bad at putting apps on my phone

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im HERE still, I am alive, and at a higher level, Stronger, with better loot

consider: cornering the market on boyfriends. hording them all, therefore increasing their value

forming a massive polyromantic relationship with a whole bunch of boys just so I can fill my closet with all of their borrowed hoodies and eventually crafting a hoodie golem

y'all ever think about how fursonas have varying lengths of chest floof

Ridley dating sim where you date a bunch of Ridleys but they're all wearing different bad facial hair disguises and pretending to be different people but every other character in the game sees right through her

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