For France❣️ 

Mastodon is like the Hotel California—you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

watching my son try to decide which instance to join made me realise that we need a way to preview instances local/federated streams. So I made one:

Hello Japan! Wish I could read your toots! 🙆🏻💕

Goodnight. Thanks for being the kind of people that make me want to do better! ✌🏼

How Algorithms and Authoritarianism Created a Corporate Nightmare at United

This is a really worthwhile read about what happened with United Airlines the other day. It holds some important lessons for building human safeguards into our increasingly algorithmic management.

Everything leads to everything—especially applicable to cleaning, remodeling & arguing.

This is a classic example of well-intentioned tunnel-vision imo. When you are a public person and fairly popular and a lot of people interact with you on a daily basis it's real easy to get stuck in your own bubble and not see how this might be a cause for concern. But people interact differently with people with large follower-counts than they do with people with low ones, and there are good, reasoned explanations for that besides just elite posturing.

"Let us be kind to one another, for most of us are fighting a hard battle.”
--Unofficial #Mastodon Creedo

I honestly love the speed and enthusiasm with which people chip in here. It feels like a genuine open conversation/community. Not like the "fire off a tweet and rack in RTs/replies, maybe get a RT from someone with >1k followers" methodology of Twitter. It feels so cosy and interactive here.


My favorite part of mastodon is all the fine folks who see something that clearly does not have them as the intended target audience, and go "that is so cool!" instead of "I demand that this be changed into something I, the protagonist of reality, can understand"

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