If you don’t design for accessibility from the ground up, both users and support will end up frustrated.

Woke up to Teams being very active on the work phone. Had an employee request remote work for illness on the drive in. Sent another home for illness by 8a.

40% of my team is off or remote today…

Today I learned I have made a great decision about my future.

Do I know anyone in Columbia, MO? I have a big favor to ask…

to the tune of "They have a cave troll":

They have a skeletal bear.

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for the second time in as many parties, we are investigating a strange blight...

I really want to make lasagna. However, it is too damn hot to make lasagna.

Employee is fine, they came in and resumed the task from Thursday and hadn’t noticed they were marked OOO.

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And apparently we had a COVID exposure Friday. Guy had no symptoms, but his fiancé tested positive so he checked and did too…

New concern:
The employee who called out of work Friday due to a family emergency has not been in contact and they are still marked out of office. Their shift started two hours ago.

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Slightly concerned about the number of meeting reminder noises my work phone was making leading to 6am…

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