The voice of Optimus Prime (most versions) is also that if Monterey Jack, Eeyore, and one of the recurring secondary Gummi Bears from Ursalia.

I just had a “It’s not science if you don’t document your process” moment.

Solved a problem, explained solution, solution didn’t work for the other person, went back, repeated my process and wrote down what I did, added the missing step I did without thinking, process is repeatable.

Today’s work project I didn’t plan for?

Scheduling recurring monthly 1-on-1 meetings.

It sounds so simple, but just scheduling them is oddly time consuming. At least I only have to do it once per person

I have resolved the issue of too much gold to carry by purchasing a handy haversack... to hold the gold.

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"Please present buttocks for appropriate identification." - Basset Hound Herald to Paladin Cora (CORGI, Church of the Good Shepherd.)

Having iodine wash through your bloodstream is a very weird sensation

I’m hungry. I have an appointment at 8:30. No food for 4 hours before, drink water only.

I foresee unwise decisions after the appointment.

Unlike the Chicken Noodle Soup i made in the slow cooker last weekend, the Beef Stew is not really generating a scent at all and seems flavor-weak. Not bland, just weak.

What's the next like Guild Ways 2, Final Fantasy 14, or World of Warcraft you're waiting for?

What’s that? A new chapter in the living world? I know what I’m streaming for tonight at 9:30 Eastern!

Dear Mother Nature,
It’s been a rough two days. DO NOT take tomorrow’s snow from me.

While not obviously indicated anywhere on the registers, store takes Apple Pay.

Shopping done.
Mutt done.

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It is just not my day. Just got to the grocery store and realized my wallet is at home.

Phone: -Rings-
Me: Huh?
Phone: “Safelite Auto Glass”
Me: “FUCK. I forgot to drop off the car yesterday!”

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