While I run off to play , here's video of me doing some resource gathering, crafting armor, and fighting for my life between story bits in . (The fox species doesn't like me at all right now.)


I'm doing a phenomenal job of accomplishing none of my personal plans for the day.

I'm about to change that, to a minor degree, but still.

Now streaming Pine, a game where you play a human who needs to befriend furry tribes to save your people Stream at twitch.tv/tangoplaysgames

I have no idea what I’m looking at, but the lack of badging is just weird.

We use Microsoft Teams at work.
Teams has a giphy-like function (or connection).
I just uttered “A judgmental elephant, that’s perfect!” as a work related statement.

Anyone played Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA for the Switch? Octopath Traveler hit an annoying grindy point and I sold it. Looking for a decent RPG.

Ah! - the element of surprise
Aah! - the element of understanding

Spent $400 on new glasses, they should arrive in 2 weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve enabled lane keep assist and it’s time to drive with dilated eyes and sunglasses!

I need to be at a vision appointment in 45 minutes. It will take 20 minutes to get there.

I should probably shower and get dressed now.

Would people be interested in a stream of Pine Thursday night? It’s a game where you, a human must build relationships with tribes anthropomorphic animals to ensure the future of your people. It would be around 9 Mountain.

Oh look, the two people that have been out on shorter unplanned absences are back.

I can tell because they’re pushing old tickets to my queue.

Please stand by for miracles.

Also temper flares.

Siri has never failed to understand “car needs gas” before.

Me, clearing reminders on my phone last night: “What is ‘carti guess’? Maybe I’ll figure it out when it goes off.”
Me, hearing a reminder go off as I get out of the shower at 8: “My car needs gas, right.”

Anyone want to guess what the reminder said?

I've signed up for this year to raise money for sick and injured kids at my local children's hospital. I need YOUR help to reach my fundraising goal ! do.nr/e9xlz via @DonorDrive

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