Ok, because I’ve been accused of fear mongering...

This is not really unusual in the greater scope of things, just the first positive result in my county in a while.

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Ok, who had squirrels with bubonic plague in their 2020 apocalypse bingo card?

Better yet, what do you people have that hasn’t been checked off yet?


and the update is:
there is still a fire. it is about 50 acres in size. no evac orders have been lifted, but the evac area has not been expanded.

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So there’s basically no updates on the fire yet this morning. That’s frustrating.

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Colorado Governor signs law making Colorado the 11th state to ban gay/trans panic defense in court.


Facebook memories would like me to know my deck is a year old today.

So, local fire and rescue is tending to a small wildfire that is 6-8 miles in a straight line from my house...

If you are in search of adorable desk organization solutions and adorable includes bunnies, have I got a link for you


By 1 vote, this week's lunch stream game will be : The Isle of Armor. Join me at 2:15 MDT as I stream for


Thirteen, and I'm pretty sure that was the last guy's supervisor. Apparently that company is desperate to find someone to pitch. He seemed surprised when I told him how many people contacted me Thursday.

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Twelve, with the most recent calling me as his email came through.

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Email dings with a ship notification from Amazon.
Me: "What?"
Me: *checks order info*
Me: "Oh... the new Dresden Files book comes in tomorrow. Well, I'm getting a limited amount of sleep tomorrow night."

Huh, it just occurred to me that I’ve not seen people taking commissions for (Zoom/Teams/etc) meeting backgrounds.

Has this been a thing outside of furry? (I follow furry artists primarily, so this may not be a thing they did.)

In about 2 hours at 5/2 E/P, I’ll resume hunting Benevodons in Trials of Mana for . Come watch and help me raise money !


So, what should I stream in 30 minute blocks on my lunch break next week? (Mastodon Poll)

All in support of

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