New plan: ask my boss if she thinks I can negotiate PTO instead of $ for my annual raise. (She’s as new to the company as I am.)

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Old job gave me 21 days a year. 3 weeks at 7 days/week.

New job gives me 3 weeks at 5 working days/week.

I lost almost as much in PTO as I gained in $ compensation.

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At dinner I was going over my PTO plans for 2022 with friends and realized my math had a problem.

Or so I thought

I spent most of today on a floor where the AC was working, but came back down for the end of the day

Someone is determined to get into my Instagram account

Sent a teams message to my employee who was on site at 5 AM. The monitor on my desk says it’s 81° as of 6 AM.

Ok, who else do I know locally that's not going to DenFur?

AC is still out at work and there’s a network outage as a bonus.


Watch feel-good movie, watch feel-good clips on YouTube. Feel reasonably better.

Land on Twitter and see the thing that ruined my day getting retweeted.

During a phone conversations with my friend, who was out walking:

"Hold on, this isn't where I live. Where do I live again?"

Well, that was not how I planned to spend my time this evening. I've done responsible adult things I need to, but the emotional weight....

Update: they did order the battery it turns out. It took so long to get here they forgot who it was for.

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