It’s been a while since I’ve hoped that hard on a ticket.

Ticket: “My voicemail is always full on my cell phone. I do not have a way to delete it.”

This is not an IT issue, this is a “I don’t want to learn the basics of modern technology.” Issue.

On the other side of this, if a convention staff member does something that is more than just doing their job right, tell people.

And really, it doesn’t hurt anyone to point out people just doing their job right, but maybe as a summary. Exceptions to expected behavior, for better or worse, should be recognized.

Conventions exist (in the fandom sense) as places for people to have fun in a safe and friendly environment. It is the responsibility of the convention to take reasonable steps to ensure such an environment.

Now, if there is a convention with problematic staff that has been brought to their attention, has taken no action or no effective action to address the issue, and the staff member(s) remain?

Don’t go there. If someone asks you why you’re not going, be honest.

I’ve also seen staff who were given training on what they did wrong and became better people for it. Again, the conventions got better for it.

I bring this all up because I’ve been working conventions since 2001.

If you don’t communicate a problem with a convention’s staff to the convention, they don’t have a reason to do anything about the staff.

I’ve seen staff removed from conventions, due to feedback from attendees and from staff. The conventions got better for it.

Security will be in the Crawford room on the third floor of the Westin continuously Thursday through Monday (excluding staff dinner), and in room 308 across from ConOps in the convention center during convention hours.

If you experience harassment or similar at Anthrocon, tell security. They’re in red vests when on duty and the ones in charge of others will be tagged with Group Leader and Duty Officer badges.

Ok, I put a * by the Crawford room. Technically, that’s just a security office and not operations, but security will relay concerns to appropriate people.

In the unlikely event the person you had a problem with is present, ask to speak to someone in private. (If it looks like they’re the person in charge that you would be talking to, ask for their manager. Everyone reports to someone. You can also come back later.)

1. Get their name as shown on their badge.
2. Get their badge number if possible.
3. Identify when and where the issue occurred.
4. Go to operations (310 in the convention center or the Crawford room in the Westin.*) and make a report.

Anthrocon is just around the corner. Every year, someone complains about a problem with a staff member on social media without having ever brought it to the attention of other staff.

So, here’s what you need to do if you have a problem with staff:

Yay, my budget was approved.

Fuck, time to figure out logistics.

Does the current generation understand that GIFs are not necessarily animated?

*happens to glance at a map*
Wow, you think there'd be an interstate-grade road between Reno and Las Vegas.

Called my bank to get some options clarified that didn't make sense on the website. At the end of the call, they thanked me for my 19 year membership.

My bank is also my auto insurance provider.

My membership is old enough to drive my car.

I have to admit, visual pitches of diversity do not usually include random furry characters

was canceled due to several factors.

My long-ass day was cancelled because the overtime got denied.

Currently addressing that yesterday's episode of has not yet been recorded.

Plans for the week:
M: Work, D&D
T: Long ass work day (8a-7p + commute), no Pathfinder, possible AC staff meeting.
W: Please be a slow work day.
R: Work, begin drafting 2 weeks of
F: Work, finish writing EE. Maybe record EE.
S: Record EE if I haven't yet. Walk somewhere. Build packing list.
U: Laundry, walk, pack for AC, AC staff meeting?

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