The only solution: don't use Google Play store to download apps. Use F-droid @fdroidorg

Mobile app data sharing 'out of control' - BBC News -

@RedSec Xposed and DNS66 are also helpful for more layers of adblock

@amsomniac i don't use xposed anymore because it needs a rooted phone and rooted phone needs unlocked bootloader which is a security hole. DNS66 is a nice replacement for a real firewall (like AFWall+) and you don't need to be rooted for it. although i use a VPN so i can't use DNS66 because you can only use one app that acts like a VPN on android device. luckily my VPN provider (PIA) also enables adblocking so i have that covered.. :)

@RedSec @amsomniac it is not a privacy hole if your phone is encrypted, which it should be anyway

@v0idifier no, that has nothing to do with encryption. in android only your data partition is encrypted, so it's important that your system partition can not be tempered with. and if your bootloader is unlocked it can be. and when your system is compromised it's a game over wether your data partition is encrypted or not. @RedSec @amsomniac

@RedSec for your system part to be tampered someone needs physical access to your device, which generally is a game over anyway if you keep using the phone after.

@v0idifier well, that depends of your threat model. who says that your enemy has to be a three letter agency..

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