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I'll be back doing broadcasts on the youtube channel tomorrow. I won't be bothering going back on twitter, that place is stuffed full of more rats than a grim fairy tale.

And there goes my twitter account. Erased from time and space. Makes me glad I've set up some alternates.

Thanks to @BW_RandR
a new political news site for publishing my article on Trump & the Left. Be sure to check it out on the link and give them a follow. They are a post-partisan news site and in an age of censorship that is something we must support.


For the period between 1918 and 1991 the various Communist Parties of the world looked to the USSR as their inspiration in organising against ethnic violence and the false doctrine of racialism. Working class unity was promoted globally. Another reason capital had to destroy it.

Lenin: Trotsky unites all to whom ideological decay is dear, all who are not concerned with the defence of Marxism; all philistines who do not understand the reasons for the struggle and who do not wish to learn, think, and discover the ideological roots of the divergence of views. At this time of confusion, disintegration, and wavering it is easy for Trotsky to become the “hero of the hour” and gather all the shabby elements around himself...

The fight for socialism will have to defeat many enemies. The first of these are the ones who pretend to want the same things we do. The reformists, the soft left, the petit bourgeois democrats. All of these have proven over 100 years to be traitors and murderers of the working class. Their forces must be defeated first.


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