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Hello new social network! I'm a writer from , of seven , working currently on a MURDER MYSTERY set in . This is all very exciting. Say hi!

Why do people not talk about my books more on the internet she says needily (and here "she" = every single writer you know but especially me)

I wanted to raise some money for COVID relief and I thought maybe two personalised book recommendations if someone donated β‚Ή500 or up & shared receipts. Would you personally be into this? I haven't decided the platform yet (newsletter, bookstagram or Twitter) (or ALL)

A good day to remind you that my German partner literally did not know what "into" meant, as in "five into six" and even now if I use it, he's all like, "DO YOU MEAN TIMES"

Christopher is the Anna Nardini of Lorelei's relationships. (no, I'm joking, that's obvs Jason Stiles)

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It's also because every current piece of TV is terrible except for Schitt's Creek which I finished last year.

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Signs your Facebook cat group's strict rules about neutering are working: a copycat group formed in 2021 where the "About" section is just a repetition of the words: "neutering is a personal choice!!!" & "no activism allowed!!" poor cats.

cannot get enough of lauren graham so i am rewatching both gilmore girls and parenthood concurrently. i am not ashamed of my life choices

Having watched the execrable The Woman In The Window yesterday, I had to revisit the NUTS article about the author of the book which is a treat

It is EIGHT HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX pages of a historical family saga set before WWI in a PUBLISHING HOUSE. AND it's part of a trilogy. This is my perfect comfort eat a bag of chips in one sitting book.

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I struggled through the le CarrΓ© (began well but oof got lost midway) and now I'm sinking into this pink marshmallow of a book.

BJP's official handle's latest press release isn't even trying to be respectful of the Indian voter

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