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Hello new social network! I'm a writer from , of seven , working currently on a MURDER MYSTERY set in . This is all very exciting. Say hi!

The company I ordered from finally got back to me so hopefully this will be figured out soon. But nothing beats talking to a real person. Bring back people!

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My order was from a new jeans brand I was trying out who - - guess what - - only work Monday to Friday. By Monday morning my order will be completely untrackable.

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I have also contacted but once again, only an email address given. What is this move to suddenly stop all sorts of human contact? I just want to speak to a REAL PERSON.

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Hi is there any way to contact you about a parcel that's gone missing? None of your customer care numbers are working and I have no idea where my parcel is, though the status says delivered.

Marianne Dashwood declaring everyone over 35 is ancient and infirm is really hitting me right now.

Just a Delhiite, standing in front of Twitter, asking Bangalore people to stop talking about how lovely and cool their city is.

OK maybe I'm fully turning into a NRI but I really like these for cocktail tumblers? Bought four.

Have started to say "Tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt ME" when I go shopping which is extremely amusing for literally one person, and that is myself.

+ but I've been consciously trying to buy more off company's own websites as opposed to a large e-commerce thing, so I hope it works out.

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It's the final 3 weeks before I return to Berlin again & I've been shopping! Have been trying to look for Indian small brands whenever possible & bought myself a pair of wide leg high waist jeans and natural rubber flip flops. They only arrive later this week so no review yet +

The inspiration was this brutal poem. Hopefully it came through in my portrait of an invented face.

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Tempted to reply to every single political argument on all the Facebook groups I'm a member of with, "GUYS CALM DOWN there are bigger problems in the world... like me not getting a visa appointment yet."

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