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Hello new social network! I'm a writer from , of seven , working currently on a MURDER MYSTERY set in . This is all very exciting. Say hi!

Please admire my outfit! Wearing a sari blouse back to front over my newww pants which I adore.

Every author has three kinds of friends: the ones who buy all your books the week they come out, the ones who always ask for a free copy and the ones who say, "oh you have a new book out? how nice. but besides that, can you give me a good book recommendation?"

Pride and Prejudice where Lydia--fed up of Wickham--comes to stay at Pemberley and falls madly in love with Georgiana Darcy.

Why do some Indians say "keeping unwell" or "putting up"? Is it translated directly from the vernacular? (source: just saw it in a newspaper article about a famous person's father.)

When Sting sings, "I dream of rain, ay-rey-ee-ay-ay" is he literally singing from the perspective of the eponymous Desert Rose? ARE WE HEARING FROM THE ROSE?

A nice noise: when your cat shakes her head and there's a little rattle unlike any other rattle, an ear shaking rattle. (Ok, dogs do this too.)

I bought some gents boxers to wear as house-shorts this year & I am very pleased with myself. (Checks, my favourite is pink and light blue.) (Cheaper than whatever's listed under "women's cotton shorts.)

omg thank you for putting me in this list of excellent literary newsletters! i was just scrolling down, clicking through and boom! there's my name

Have you noticed how all the music newsletters/articles/reviews are mostly done by men? What's that about? (In my Youth, it was men who decided my musical taste for me. "That's cool," they'd say or "that's not.")

A brand new edition of my alphabet series newsletter is going out today! We're on "E" (not literally though alas) Subscribe:

The three stages of Appointment:
waiting for appointment
at appointment
after appointment tiredness

Used to know someone who composed every message, replied to every text with a tilde as in "Goodbye ~" or "I'll see you at 5~" and I still have no idea what it means.

self-chopsie: replies to this like "oh i don't want any more novels in present tense" and you remember your new novel is in present tense. (but only some of it and it's good! a modern classic!)

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