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Hello new social network! I'm a writer from , of seven , working currently on a MURDER MYSTERY set in . This is all very exciting. Say hi!

And shout out to whose very specific and personalised book recommendation algorithm brought me to this novel.

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This book is SO GOOD you guys. It's got history AND that big sprawling family structure narrative that I love. Plus I can't stop looking at the cover. Excellent purchase, would recommend.

My dream email would go: "Dear Meenakshi, I have read one of your several brilliant books and want to adapt it for the screen immediately. Please let me know how to send you a lot of money & also if you'd like to be minimally but essentially involved in the adaptation"

So basically skin care/hair care talk is MADE for people like me: how to go from average skin to GREAT, how to tend to your own curly hair? And I'm like ok, this is about as interesting to listening to you talk about your sourdough starter.

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I can't be alone in finding talk of skin and hair care REALLY BORING? What happened to just washing your face (or not, you do you) quietly, without a fuss? (Before you ask: my skin is average, not great, not bad, my hair is big and curly and thick.)

It is a bit of a sausage fest but women, unlike men, are ok with reading books that feature predominantly the opposite gender. We don't need a female lead to feel connected with a book.

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Book three in this series that I just started last week. Now an official fan girl. (Fan woman? Fan PERSON.)

Sometimes as I pet my cat, I think her eyes look like an alligator's do, which is the foolish reason some people have given me for being scared of cats & then I think how sad that we are too afraid of alligators to tickle them under their chins & tell them how pretty they are.

+ A Goodreads replacement which gives you VERY SPECIFIC book recommendations. The Story Graph. Check it out. You can also export all your GR data so you don't have to start from scratch.

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+ but here it is, September, three months from my next birthday & I am finally close to finishing it. I write my name in each book & "Bought with Ma's birthday gift card" so I'll always remember this year-round birthday treat.

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