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Thinking about how crazy it is that the government is sending you ultrasounds and other radio waves to make you more horny

Idk i just feel like a Bumblebee spin-off movie is exactly what the world needs right now

the vikings were so cool, dandering about in boats and stuff

when you are at the top of the league, international breaks fucking suck

smoke that mastadoink

trying to get the brand out there folks

if i have a higher follower count than you then sorry but i am an objectively better person than you

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Like... if you are twisting yourself into pretzels to make a Jewish antifascist into a fascist and an accused rapist into a Good Ally based on a close linguistic read, tea leaves, and the phases of the moon, you've gotten lost in a hall of mirrors.

You can make an argument for anything as long as material reality does not matter.

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i want to find the one person i dislike on this site and spend my days being needlessly passive aggressive while publicly denying any feelings of ill will towards them

imagine that guy from star trek causing all this drama lol

someone explain this wil wheaton shit to me

James Corden on the Men in Blazers is my personal idea of hell

3 games, 3 wins, too early to tell but so far alisson is really impressing me

Alisson, wow, the GK stitched you up like a right willy

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wanna follow 69 people and have 420 followers thats the dream folks

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