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Who am I? I am a translator, webcartoonist and once and future musician/songwriter. Married to an American artist/scholar/teacher who is a mass shooting survivor. Old as dirt, feeling twice as old again. Two stepkids, two dogs, one cat. Politics generally left, philosophically an anarchist. Non-religious, history of undiagnosed depression. Like beer, need coffee. Has a sociopath's palate. Love things that go Zworp.

( I may be disappointed when I finally do convert those files as they may be saved at final size only. Again, if that happens, my short-sightged decisions from way back when will be to blame, not the obsolete technology).

My fellow fossils are now talking about the horror of manually unspooling stuck cassette tape with a pencil. Yeah, I had to do that too, three or four times thoughout my teenage years. I could cope.

Anyway, as for burning, I found the process mostly reliable and the majority of my backup/archive disks from the early 2000s still work. I know because I looked for files on them a few months ago.
My organisation of them left a lot to be desired but that's not the technology's fault.
(A bigger problem was that I had several hundred master images in an incompatible file format and no easy way to convert them. We have an XP box in the attic for that purpose but getting it out is a pain.)

Ditto for burning CDs of music, ripping music off CDs (which I still do on a regular basis) or for that matter turning up in person at record stores with money to burn. For about a decade of my life, having money to burn on a whole stack of CDs at a time was a life goal for me.

People in my broad age cohort on Birdsite are all going "Ugh, burning CDs was the WORST, you young folks didn't miss a thing" and I'm like "it wasn't that bad?" I mean I never did it for fun but it was a bit of routine maintenance on my working files that took a couple of minutes at the end of each week. Did people really find it that onerous? A list of Low End computing communities on the Blue F, "Low end" meaning extending the life of computing and other products that are considered obsolete, with a historical focus on Apple products. Handy if you're willing to go on Facebook for them.

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simone de beauvoir argued that arguments from biological reductivism are always ultimately ideological. for example, it may be a biological fact that women, taken generally, have less physical strength than men but in a society that didnt value physical domination, that fact wouldnt be used as a justification for power

RT @transscribe If you’re a trans person who is running a crowdfund for any reason, reply to this thread and I will RT it.

Cis people, here’s a tangible, immediate way to support trans people right now in this moment, with your money.

Prior to the third episode, I'd already made up my mind that the Chris Chibnall Doctor Who is not for me, so I kind of had the episode in the background from the moment I remembered it was on, about 10 minutes in.
This is both what I expected from Chibnall, and perfectly fine. The people that it IS for seem to have been raving about it and there are literally thousands of old and new shows for me to watch. But it makes me a bit sad after being a fan for so long.

The government is openly discussing classifying a group of people as not people. This isn't a "slide" into fascism. We're here now.

i usually write songs but right now my heart is broken and i am lost for words. So I made a lofi instrumental album on my phone to make me feel better. it did make me feel better.

it is free/pay what you want.

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Two days after repair guy Louis Rossmann helped show how Apple tells their customer to buy a new computer if even as little a pin on a connector is bent, Apple told US customs to impound 1000 USD worth of his spare parts as 'counterfeit'.

Rossmann was not amused.

Day 5! I'm behind on posts here, but up to date on Twitter :angery: #mastoart #inktober #illustration An Anemone witch, who lives in an upside down acorn on a little lake with her pet bee Ben

The first '[X] is really Susan' of the season was spotted in El Sandifer's Tumblr asks yesterday. The scary thing is that this time around, it could be correct. #DoctorWho #Timelesschild

Just read a blog that used Markdown tagging as visible decoration. It didn't look too bad either. I wonder if I found it easy on the eye because my own Markdown program (IAwriter) shows both the tags and what they do (boldface, italics, etc) on screen.

#SketchboOktober 11/31

I feel like people don't always appreciate how much you can do with characters like Mickey? He works in almost any genre or tone without ever really sacrificing established characterisation or anything.

#SketchboOktober 8/31

this bleed-through accident made me laugh at the time, so here you go

"Every machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough."

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