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Who am I? I am a translator, webcartoonist and once and future musician/songwriter. Married to an American artist/scholar/teacher who is a mass shooting survivor. Old as dirt, feeling twice as old again. Two stepkids, two dogs, one cat. Politics generally left, philosophically an anarchist. Non-religious, history of undiagnosed depression. Like beer, need coffee. Has a sociopath's palate. Love things that go Zworp.

Those gaps are where you expect them to be: people and organizations with little long-term entanglement with FB; Barbara was a very late adopter of the platform and Numero have communication channels that work better for them (Instagram, Spotify playlists).

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Yep, there are gaps beginning to form in my Facebook experience, with cartoonist and longtime friend Barbara Stok and the Numero Group record label calling it quits.

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Also, they were pretty mediocre musicians:

I own t-shirts and tapes, because they kicked ass.

They were the tightest sloppy punk band I've ever heard, but I guess playing 300/365 days will do that.

Rona managed to tune up the zither (not perfectly - that will take some time as it settles down after its first tune-up in literally decades) and is going a bit crazy about it. She's looking for insertable sheet music of songs she knows, as opposed to the German folk melodies we have, and has suggested starting a Drunk Zithering group.
If the Drunk Zithering group happens, I'm in. Drunk music making has helped me a lot in the past with my personal musical growth.

@Gargron This is awesome, and I'll be sharing it widely. But, I also think now is the time to start talking about how we stop the likes of #CambridgeAnalytica / #Palantir from abusing the Fediverse's model, too. I work for - I can see how easy it would be to map and monitor the entire fediverse right now. From there to hyper-targeted fake profiles is a small enough step. How do we harden ourselves against #Twitter / #Facebook-style manipulation without damaging the social fabric?

Just asked my main social chat group if they were willing to switch from WhatsApp to Signal...

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For professional reasons, I cannot delete Facebook. However, I'm wondering if account deletion is really that much more effective as a gesture than doing what I've done with Twitter: keeping the account but going silent.
I am willing to take other precautions so that 'going silent' means actual silence or something close to it, but fundamentally I'm thinking of non-engagement outside of my professional interactions.

Remember when everyone left MySpace to go to Facebook because they were dissatisfied with MySpace's protection of their privacy and felt Facebook would do a better job?

Hugo nominations closed over the weekend, and I can confirm that neither the Sad nor the Rabid Puppies put up a slate or indeed anything at all. So hey, nominations should be a happy thing when they come.

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Digging into Mark Boyle's other work in the series, I find this, which is a load of ableist crap and is probably the reason no-tech has stopped speaking to me:

Here's a hoopoe. Hoopoes are pretty cool. I enjoyed reading this, but I don't think it's for me. It's interesting that 'no-tech' has stopped speaking to me; instead I favor 'old-tech' - the repair-preserve-and-reuse-oriented culture that people like Andrew Roach talk about.
Of course there is still the issue of me being all thumbs and I really should do something about that.