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Who am I? I am a translator, webcartoonist and once and future musician/songwriter. Married to an American artist/scholar/teacher who is a mass shooting survivor. Old as dirt, feeling twice as old again. Two stepkids, two dogs, one cat. Politics generally left, philosophically an anarchist. Non-religious, history of undiagnosed depression. Like beer, need coffee. Has a sociopath's palate. Love things that go Zworp.

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The 'Wordpress site developer' who did respond angrily when I shared this back in 2010 also got very upset when I suggested that 'how am I supposed to know what cookies Wordpress sets' wasn't an adequate response to the then-new cookie law. I ended up blocking him on Blue F-site for being a waste of my time after missing several opportunities to block him for racism. I can be a selfish bastard sometimes.

Came across this one again today a few years after I last shared it. This list of Falsehoods programmers believe about names is useful for programmers but also for potential employers of programmers: if someone responds to this huffing angrily that this won't apply to their projects, that's an easy no.

I do think people have become more aware of this since 2010, though.

I ended up writing four pages of War of the Marses and sharing them with multiple people for test-reading. I have some concerns about drawability: there's a lot going on in each panel and each page has one panel more than I feel would fit given the need to establish scenes and such. I may have to break things up AND cut some stuff.
But, and here's the advantage, when I'm on, writing goes FAST. So the plan is to write it in full, then revise, then think of maybe drawing it. I is good boy.

This question got some serious, thoughtful answers so if you want to know the rules for backyard nudity in the UK, give the thread a look.

It is so hot in my house that I have just made three batches of donuts in the absolute nude and am still sweltering. What _are_ the rules about being starkers in your own garden? Are there rules? I need to cool down before I actually combust 😆

**Geen tranen om Harbers, maar pas op voor zijn opvolger**

"Mark Harbers, staatssecretaris van detentie en deportatie van ‘vreemdelingen’, is afgetreden. Ik zal geen traan om hem laten. Maar hij is afgetreden om kwalijke redenen en zal ongetwijfeld vervangen worden…"

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dude, fuck yes. blocking every brand on twitter finally paid off.

@krenwix we had to ask an angry Jews For Jesus lady to leave our shul a few weeks ago, last week we found out a nearby church was hosting JFJ to explain Jesus' part in the Passover tradition. We reached out to the pastor, the reply wasn't that she didn't understand our concerns, but didn't care. This is the Southern Tier of New York state.

My dad called me about a month ago to say that he saw a church with signs for a community seder.
The main course was pork chops. You just know these people love the term Judeo-Christian.

While taking the dog to have an echo done, I wrote a bunch of material for White House in Orbit: War of the Marses, which I've been thinking about since January. Be ready for some retro-cubo-futurism.

(Earlier White House in Orbit: CW: nudity, older work containing some stereotypes that I now regret using)

With Chelsea back in jail for her continued resistance, one thing you can do to raise visibility of her case and much needed legal funds is order or distro this beautiful shirt. Dm us for bulk orders and check out @AKPressDistro to order your own! @xychelsea @ResistsChelsea

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hey uuhhhhhhh I was gonna get ready to try setting up a ko-fi for quick simple sketch commission bursts, only to realize,,,,,,,,i'd forgotten that nsfw is very explicitly disallowed bc of paypal and stripe TOS, which has left me in a bit of a pickle, so,,,,,

fellow NSFW/adult artists: how do YOU accept/process payments for explicit commissions?? 🤔 there has to be some sort of alternative;;;;;;

PLS boost/share if you can!! thank you! ;v;

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**Don't praise Iceland's Hatari for violating Eurovision boycott**

"Waving a Palestinian flag does not make up for crossing a picket line."

#palestine #news #bot

**Baudet: witte vrouwen moeten niet werken, maar kinderen baren**

"Witte vrouwen moeten ophouden met buitenshuis werken en zich weer gaan richten op hun natuurlijke taak: het werpen van kinderen om het witte ras te behouden voor de ondergang. Dat…"

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Journalist Elizabeth King-- @ekingc-- was banned last week by @TwitterSupport for swearing while arguing with a fascist conspiracy theorist.

Please share this new piece of hers, about why fascists attack bookstores.

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