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Who am I? I am a translator, webcartoonist and once and future musician/songwriter. Married to an American artist/scholar/teacher who is a mass shooting survivor. Old as dirt, feeling twice as old again. Two stepkids, two dogs, one cat. Politics generally left, philosophically an anarchist. Non-religious, history of undiagnosed depression. Like beer, need coffee. Has a sociopath's palate. Love things that go Zworp.

@VamptVo @gargron it’s interesting how Spotify is on facebooks level when it comes to data collection but still decides to charge a monthly fee

Another parable for the ages, but this time it doesn't involve me (honest):
"How do I become a pro artist?" asked the aspiring artist while drinking at a con.
Said the pro artist: "Why are you drinking at a con when you could be at home drawing?"
And the aspiring artist was enlightened.
Three months later, the pro artist went to the doctor, who told her to stop working herself to death for Christ's sake I warned you about this before why can't you take advice?

What if the Mars of Barsoom and the Mars of A Martian Odyssey were... the same place?

Doom was released 25 years ago today. It was about 2.39 MB, the size of an average webpage today. News sites average closer to 8 MB.

Please shotgun the javascript demons and make more efficient & accessible websites.

It's been a while since I turned on the iBook that has Lubuntu for PPC running on it, but I may want to spend some time with it this week:
"Arctic Fox 27.9.12 (Firefox 63.0) a fork of Pale Moon is available for Linux PPC."
Arctic Fox isn't perfect but the lack of decent visual web browsing was a bit of a dealbreaker, so I want to try if this runs better.

@masklayer reddit and imgur do this shit too and it's insane. somebody had to make an entire mobile browsing experience that constantly begs you to stop using it

What if the response to tumblr being banned from the app store was tumblr making its mobile web version usable instead of being shit and literally insulting you for trying to like a post

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shout out to all the ppl hurtin tonight... ily all and I am now your mother. :blobnom:

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

Hi people on this Mastodon server!

On This Node We:
- mark NSFW stuff as sensitive
- use content-warnings
- try to be our best selves <3

I want to do a Patreon post on my experiments in Extreme Image Optimization (or Post-Apocalyptic Optimization as I call it), but I realized overnight that the pages I did the experiments on all had titties in them so I can't make it a public post if I post there. Dammit.

My youngest is learning to read, but not very confident in his abilities. So I told him: "You're a very good reader!"

His retort: "Well, who am I better than then?!?"

My wife has told me that "The President" was not an age appropriate answer.

TERFs are blocked server wide from ever interacting with this server upon reported so no need to individually block/mute - report. Support #equality [=], #NOH8 & everyone 🏳️‍🌈.

TERF - Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) - you might be a TERF if:

Please feel free to read & support others & y/our community.

@gargron How about hiring some moderators and paying them, then? Put your money where your mouth is.

The trouble with many of these fields of interest is that they look all hard and full of arcane knowledge from the outside. Then something makes you look a bit closer and in a few evenings of research you know some of the basic principles and can do some of the run of the mill actions.
Then it's too late, you're sucked in. And my Dad's old discarded watch with no winder has its movement ticking happily on the bench.

Future history will record that we invented the telephone, thought it was neat for about a century and a half, and then realised that having a box in your house that anyone from anywhere can bother you on whenever they want and you have to react immediately kind of fucking sucks.

If you really want to help Firefox succeed, file a bug on when you find a broken website. Don't just switch back to Chrome; let Mozilla know there's a problem so they can try to fix it.

When browsers lose market share, they fall into the "compatibility death spiral." Sites don't bother to test, they break, and users flee to the browser that "just works." Mozilla is fighting this battle every day, and it just got harder.

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