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Who am I? I am a translator, webcartoonist and once and future musician/songwriter. Married to an American artist/scholar/teacher who is a mass shooting survivor. Old as dirt, feeling twice as old again. Two stepkids, two dogs, one cat. Politics generally left, philosophically an anarchist. Non-religious, history of undiagnosed depression. Like beer, need coffee. Has a sociopath's palate. Love things that go Zworp.

First Law of Blockchain Tech Review:
Any blockchain-based project is considered a scam unless proven otherwise.

Second Law of Blockchain Tech Review:
As sufficiently extensive incompetence is indistinguishable from malice, any sufficiently large breach is indistinguishable from an inside job.

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Lol, I almost forgot about boris johnson, he worked at the telegraph and was editor of the spectator and now he's the prime minister, for at least a little while longer

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Nick robinson was the BBC's cheif political correspondent, then political editor at ITV news and now a presenter on the today programme but before all that he was the president of the oxford university conservative association, shit is wild

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The deputy editor of the sun worked for boris johnson and now he's in the shit for having a party during lockdown, the sun aren't covering this and are actively trying to concoct a distraction about chinese spies infiltrating parliament. Andy coulson was the ditor of the news of the world and then became the Tory communications director, tony blair is a fucking godfather to one of rupert
murdochs kids

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it's incredibly easy for the government to manipulate the media in the UK and vice versa, there's a constant churn of people moving from one side to the other and if they don't switch sides they've got close personal relationships with people on one side or the other

In the 1990s, the white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideology of "Christian Identity" grew and came to influence both a new generation of paramilitary groups and also radical anti-abortion activists. One such group, the Army of God, would carry out a string murders + bombings.


@feonixrift I'm sure it can run reasonably in 8GiB. I've been running it in 12GiB and then 16GiB and it was ~fine-ish, but I had to be careful which cubes I run simultaneously.

What really kills it is the browsers. And I include any Electron app in that group. Stop writing Electron apps people, for the love of everything that is holy! Just damn stop!

The fact that as a developer someone has 32GiB of RAM to play with doesn't mean it's okay to demand that kind of resources on a user machine.

If you wanna help us cover this... We are looking at $400 to do a full exam, full panel blood test with extra cost sedation cause she's an old bitch and doesn't like blood tests plus medication and a sub cute fluid for her nausea bc she's been so sick the past few days
$xenocat / Venmo xenocat

She's 13 and I need to make sure she's not getting kidney problems while it's still early enough to easily treat. She's my lil princess and I want her stick around for awhile

Digging out my parental's old turntable which is a quite nice Bang and Olufson Beogram RX. And looking through their vinyl. We've only got audio from the left channel for some reason.

I realized today that I had EUR 100 worth of book gift cards that I could spend online at a bookstore while the brick and mortar locations are closed. But the last real comic store in my town doesn't take them online, and the bookstore I normally use the most only accepts up to EUR 50, so I ended up paying cash for almost half my order and still have an unspent card.
Ah well, as long as it helps them stay afloat I guess.

That feeling when you get to the end of the Bible and feel like the final chapter didn't quite do it for you

I’ve just slept for 14 hours and could easily go back to sleep.

I cant smell anything. I can’t taste anything. I get out of breath climbing the stairs.

I’m fully vaccinated and relatively healthy (I usually go running 3x a week and walk the dog a few miles every day).

I dread to think what this thing does to vulnerable, frail and unvaccinated people.

COVID is a bitch, and if you’re one of those idiots touting that it doesn’t exist, you’re a fucking moron.

#Poland 1981 vs 2021.

Party gibberish is not information

This is most likely reference to the Polish TV that under the national-conservative government since 2015 was turned into an aggressive propaganda tube, very much like communist state TV in 80’s.

I feel bad for maintainers of now that their hard volunteer work is widely ridiculed for serious flaws that were found.

This while every corporate club and your grandma used it in their million $$ projects without anyone thinking of doing a security scan or otherwise contributing to the project with time or funds.

A lessons-learned for the corporates:

"Nurture before you milk!"

And keep on nurturing. For god sake, can't you do anything sustainably?

Some dev just compared regular employment as coder with selling NFTs.

Strange, I don't do money laundering, wash trading, tax evasion and securities fraud at my coding job? 🤔

HEY! Do you live within 6 hours of the north GA mountains? (So, basically anywhere in GA, most of TN, all of NC, most of AL, and bits of SC?)

Do you have a working TV made before 1970 that you'd like to part with? Or even a non-working TV made before 1960?

HMU, I'm picking up some TVs.

More under 18s in GB arrested on suspicion of terrorism 

This doesn't surprise me (nor that the larger number of teens are suspected of far right activity) - as from personal experience in 1990s I noticed that Islamic extremists tend to try and radicalise older teens in University/college environments; but racial tension also starts developing in later years of junior school and start of high school (around ages 10-14) and is likely made worse by "gamer" culture..

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