A small aspect of 80's computer history I was previously unaware of. I don't know if we did this in the US, but I hope so. Now we do something like this all the time without even thinking about it: "How People Used to Download Games From the Radio".


@cstanhope Netherlands, 1983-ish? We had a TRS-80 and an interest in learning about computers and a computer show was on at a reasonable time of day. So we listened. Most programs broadcast were not suited for our machine but sometimes we tried one. I hated the sound though.
Much, much later I found out about software on vinyl. Wish I had some of those - they'd be useless but fun to remix (I don't remix but would try it if I had source material like that).

@Reinderdijkhuis Vinyl! I haven't heard of that being used before. Winderful.! I would definitely enjoy well done remixes of something like that. 😀

@cstanhope Well here's something to start with: youtube.com/watch?v=mUgWDHQLhI I posted this earlier but jumped out of the thread to do so. It's the second hit from a one-hit wonder called What Fun, "Let's Get Digital" with a BASICODE program at the end, which draws the single's cover art.
I'm really tempted to scrap my weekend plans, get that stuff off YouTube and onto the OP-1 and futz with it.
But, er... 22 pages of comics won't remaster themselves.


@cstanhope Also, I had to dig a little but here's the article about it I read for the first time in 2004: kempa.com/vinyl-data/

@Reinderdijkhuis So fun! Thank you for digging those links up and sharing them with me. 😀

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