Can we make #NameAndFame Friday a thing? There are many free and/or #opensource software makers that deserve a shoutout.

I'll start. @libreoffice is incredible. I keep being amazed by how good it works, how it plays well with Msft standards, and how nice the online version is and that it's completely free. Awesome community. Thanks all.

Who would you like to boost for #NameAndFame Friday?

@Gina There's a lot of FOSS that I use from time to time, from Libreoffice to VLC to GIMP to Filezilla. But lately, the thing that has added the most to my ability to do things as a Mac user has been Homebrew. All the Unix-ish stuff that Apple has been stripping off new OS releases, and more, can be brought right back with a few commands.

I've tried other packaging systems for Mac over the years and Homebrew is the first that really delivers. It's a very small project that needs more love.

@Gina Also while I don't strictly speaking enjoy using it, Keepass is a fine solution for storing login info and the company I work for could not function without it.

@Gina It is one of few FOSS apps that primarily targets Windows, but there's an impressive list of ports for different OSes. Mac users can install Macpass and maybe some of the other ports through Homebrew so they don't trigger the stupid security warning.


@Gina Update: MacPass just delighted me by using Handoff more smoothly than any Mac app I've ever used, offering a new WiFi password to my iPad as soon as I started looking for it in the app, but also allowing me to block sharing.
I'm also impressed with the fact that the Keepass family of apps has its own SDK which is probably half the reason there are so many ports.

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