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first time i heard the word "praxis" was one of our tutors at art college used it in a written prompt and none of us knew what it meant so we looked it up and found out it meant the Klingon moon, which had exploded.

@craigmaloney I'd strongly second this.

In particular, *get outside the mainstream*. If you're still listening to radio (anyone?), and have a classical music station, odds are high that the regular playlist is *extremely* constrained.

The full repetoire of music in the classical tradition -- broadly, anything from plainchant, polyphony, and much traditional European music, through experimental styles of the 20th & 21st centuries, is huge.

many times i've thought i can't do anything right, and then life proved me wrong, which ironically is also telling me i didn't do a thing right

and then paypal? payment processors in general are just comically evil. paypal takes like a 3% cut in exchange for the pleasure of being able to spend your own money. additionally, paypal has been known to place holds on your money indefinitely for no real reason and as a matter of policy bars "high-risk" industries from using them
high risk of course always translates to sex work and chinese businesses that sell game hardware mods and other stuff in a legal gray area

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the cool part of online capitalism is that we keep getting sold shit that's "convenient" but really is just better at extracting our surplus wealth
like paypal or digital assistants or amazon's smart home bullshit
like the point of these things is not to serve you and if you look at how they're designed that much should be obvious

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Tumblr was sold for $ 3 million and with enough advance warning I and some of my old webcomics buds could have run a Kickstarter to buy it ourselves.

I studied the blade, but I never studied the handle so I can't actually even hold swords or anything

@raf On the subject, there has been a blogpost on Red And Anarchist Black Metal :
I can't find it anymore, it seems to have been removed. However if you want some leftist (mostly black) metal, it's a great source of content !

God help me I'm speccing out a dedicated writing computer in my head.
Someone talk me out of this because I lack the skills and the time to build this. But the fact that I'm posting this means that those arguments have already failed.

We have shut down this @amazon store, and are saying kaddish for the people who have died in detention.

The company has called the police, but we will continue our service and our demand for the company to cut ties with ICE. #JewsAgainstICE


If you want to know why it's silly to talk about sex work like it's some diabolically unique form of exploitation, explain game industry perma-crunch to sex workers and watch their reactions

This is what snacks will be like in the Simulation.

The gpt-2 neural net attempted to add to a list of British snacks and came up with these.

#introduction Hi! I'm Yumejin, I draw a lot of anime/game stuff and I love bright colours <3 Here's some art I did for a few anime fanzines~
#fanart #cellsatwork #bnha #naruto #mastoart


"What good would that have served? You needed to be taught a lesson."

As I mulled this over, I was asked, "Why did you choose to be a thief anyway? Why not seek work from the start?"

"I didn't know I could; I didn't have money, references or a place to call home," I explained.

I was stared at as if I had grown feet for hands.

"You come from a strange place," I was told simply.

I agreed, and decided to stay.

I never figured out how I got here, so I had no idea how to get home anyway.

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