Someone should make a Gold Source version of Garry's Mod.

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@RelaxingRancho Better yet, a non-Source version entirely. Source fucks up any non-American setup :(

@Dolly It wouldn't be the same without source/goldscr jank, how specifically does it fuck up non american systems?

@RelaxingRancho Source engine "works around" international keyboard layouts by temporarily forcing Windows into using a QWERTY layout. The thing is: That layout is not correctly removed when a Source game exits, leaving your system with a "ghost" keyboard layout that you cannot remove, and will constantly accidentally switch to by mashing Win+Space.
(The fix is to manually add the layout that seems to already be there, and then remove it again.)

@RelaxingRancho For a few years I "fixed" this by creating an autohotkey script that intercepted the Win+Space combo, and I made it into an EXE that I stuck in my Startup folder, so it would be always running. Because otherwise I'd have to un-crapify my OS language list every single time I launched the game.

I no longer play.

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