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So uhh, belated :

I’m RevolutionaryPineapple. A European pan who feels very lost with their gender. I love to code, play piano and speak Spanish. I love doggos and rats, along with anything that has cute or wholesome vibes. Oh, and I’m becoming a student of medical sciences soon 👀

Been on the fediverse since 2017, but my old instance died :( . Feels good to be hangin with y’all again :BlobhajTinyHeart: :BlobhajPrideHeart:

As the UK descends into further shit fuckery, I despair. I can see that those in power are trying their hardest to stoke the culture wars further against trans and queer people. They want to use us as a distraction while they watch the nation starve.

We're about to head in for a potentially catastrophic winter, and these people don't give a shit.

I received my certificate for the course I did today. Feels good but weird to see all distinctions in black and white. Time for a new chapter next month...

This is a poll for #TRANS PEOPLE ONLY!!

Are you neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, probably others), or DEFINITELY *for sure* neurotypical?

This #poll is messy, I'm too lazy to research whether I'm being politically correct, I'm just trying to find out if NT trans people exist!

Good morning everyone! 🌈

Hope you've had a good night or today, depending on where you live!

Daily tech info to start your day with: It took less coding to send a man on the moon than to run a smartphone!

In fact, Nasa still operates some projects on programming from the 70's and 80's!

They decided to stick to older languages which are safe, reliable and so didn't need to invest.

They use HAL/S developed in 1973 and, for newer projects, ADA which was developed in 1980.

Enjoy your day! 😇

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Oof... Tmw you've masked for a whole 5 days without realising it half of the time. Big ouch.

I watched a video about how in America they don't have proper kettles that can boil water in under 3 minutes.

Just had a about how they could build a microwave kettle 🤔

It also further invalidates the idea that people can transition away from their AGAB. If they can fight against the cis categorisation, its easier for them to protect themselves from accountability while also invalidating others.

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I remember a couple years back that some people in the UK media were pissed off at the idea that they could be categorised as "cis". Piers Morgan fought against this idea. I always found it a little weird and didnt really get why.

If you think about it, because cis people have a nameable category, it spotlights their behaviour and relations to trans people. This can mobilise people against the structures that gives the cishets their power and impunity.

UK Transphobia 

They've been gearing up for this for years, but especially so over the last couple of months. Beginning a culture war over peoples' genitals.

Sure, the candidates espousing these views may win. If we're lucky, someone more moderate like Hunt or Penny Mordant might get in.

However, either of those people could appoint people to their front bench who espouse those views, and it'll amount to the same result.

We're not safe here, are rights are being eroded on a daily basis.

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UK Transphobia 

Looks like is coming to the . We're on track to returning to the days of Section 28 in the 80's if these bastards win the leadership contest. IE: They'll make LGBT representation in schools illegal. Something which I and countless other queer and non-queer people have and continue to benefit from on a daily basis.

Marginalised groups here are in for a bumpy ride.

What's worse? A tory MP commented following the tragedy: "Its common sense to run out of a burning building".

He still has a job today and has received promotions since.

The public were ultimately OK with what happened. There are still dozens of apt buildings across the country with the same defect, with people living in literal fire hazards.

This scares me. If that wasnt enough, what will be? BJ saying "let the bodies pile high" during the pandemic wasn't even enough.

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But as I said yesterday... They can only get away with this becasue we let them. We have had so many choices over the last decade, and we've kept asking them for more.

What's worst, with the worst of the bunch (BJ), we gave him a decisive majority.

I'm still not over Grenfell Tower. Apt blocks which the govt knew had highly flammable cladding but did absolutely fuck all about. The result? 70+ people died.

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I worry that the next leader will take advantage of our democracies fragile state and use it to further degrade our rights. The next leader has the perfect template for it.

If people think things are going to improve moving forward, I would suggest a generous serving of caution at best.

I fear for the future of marginalised groups here.

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This is because BJ just did what was popular and advantageous for him. In the process, he's significantly contributed to further corruption, cronyism and bigotry at No.10 and the country as a whole.

For my money, BJ was never going to be the biggest threat. The danger with BJ is his successor. Having built an environment of such unprecedented corruption, he's laid fertile ground for somene who's dangerously ideologically consistent.

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As leaves No.10, I think it's important to remember the people who are running to replace him... A lot of them served under BJ til the very end. What does this say about their integrity?

I see a lot of people breathing a sigh of relief that BJ is gone, but for me, I can only see things being either slightly better (not likely), the same, or marginally worse.

We now face the biggest erosion to our rights seen in decades. The right to protest has been curtailed, with no clear boundaries where the floor is.

Trans and homophobia are on the rise. Our healthcare system is collapsing, our public service infrastructure is faltering.

Corruption is surging through the veins of our democracy.

The public's reaction to this, the apathy is terrifying.

We will look back on this period with regret in years to come. The history books won't treat this kindly.

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It's astonishing to watch what is unfolding in the UK at the moment. But after going through everything I've seen this government do over the last couple years, I'm still amazed that we signed up for this.

The very fact that people are shocked at how the PM has behaved is nothing short of baffling to me. It was plainly obvious from the beginning.

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