asking for free labor, inclusivity policy 

hey I need someone who's a better wordsmith than me to come up with wording for a decent inclusivity policy.

Right now I just said "This should be taken as read by people who know me, but this space is explicitly inclusive. Please don't come if you're inclined to be an asshole to others about gender, sexuality, disability, race, etc." which is pretty direct and to the point, but I could use something that I'm comfortable posting on the wall.


asking for free labor, inclusivity policy 

@maenad What would make you more comfortable? Something more nuanced? Any inclusivity policy I write would likely be very clear with short clear points, and that could be taken as, well, pointy to some people.

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asking for free labor, inclusivity policy 

@Rhadamanthos a big missing component to me is reporting procedure and consequences

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