Whenever i read through reddit and see all the morons giving 'expert economic' advice I'm reminded of the time these fucking morons ruined the life of a woman whose son had died years earlier and they thought theyd cracked the 'boston bomber' case.

Change my view:

Americans are the worst people on the planet.

Capitalists love it when you vote with your wallet because their wallet will always be bigger than yours

This is how dogshit capitalism is.

A city in the US is going to foreclose someones house over their lawn not being mowed

Now obviously we know that's not the real reason. Someone in city hall is making a fortune of this


One Georgian that saved the world from fascism

He will be remember for centuries

UK pol 

Currently writing an article about anticommunism in current popular culture.

So far I've got:

Soviet soldiers shooting puppies in Chernobyl

Soviet Officers beating children in Stranger Things

Brain washing your own children in The Americans

Anything else?

some nerd posted this ironically (i think) but i think its now what i'm gonna send people who ask me about my personal politics

honestly people cant comprehend what the next few decades have in store for humanity as a result of allowing private barons and capitalist bandits to run and own the worlds economies.

Migration of peoples in the hundreds of millions and complete civic collapse

Stalin: Social democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism.... These organisations (ie Fascism and social democracy) are not antipodes, they are twins. protestationblog.wordpress.com

the United States is collapsing in slow motion.

Its delightful.

kinda feel like we should bring back tarring and feathering for climate do-nothing elected officials and climate deniers. I'd love to see all of Oregon's state house delegation covered in hot pitch. Feathers optional.

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