anarchists and ultra leftists will call them 'leftists' as they sing God save the queen and hold placards asking for the most violent empire on earth to 'liberate' hong kong

Ultimately they represent the privileged class of Hong Kong that would be happy for Hong Kong to remain as an imperial outpost to subdue China as long as they can lap up the crumbs from imperialism

@Rhdywyn And who are you to say this being true? Fact is: is a DICTATORSHIP! They kill People. They put People behind fences. They are not to be trusted. So do those who speak for this Government. So get lost ..!

@AndyGER honestly i dont take any 'leftist' seriously that calls other countries 'dictatorships' whilst believing bourgeois democracy is 'democracy'.

The US imprisons more people than any other civilisation on the planet that has ever existed

And theyve killed millions and millions more in imperialist wars in the last 40 years than China have even if you took the propagandised bullshit coming from the west at face value

@Rhdywyn When you call any opposite opinion "left" and the people "leftist" you only say it loud that you are far-right and you speak for DICTATORSHIP. Thank you for your words. I put them right into the trash ...


You got im far right while i have a hammer and sickle, literally in my name?


Incidentally, the actual far right support the HK protests and a number of prominent American white supremacists have gone to HK to wave the American flag

@Rhdywyn It is your actions that speak a clear language, Dude. And now get lost.

@Rhdywyn Oh my. You really are a dumb far right pain in the ass. Grow up. And get lost!

@AndyGER says the nationalist and social chauvanist that has fucking captain america on his page

Again, fuck off liberal

@Rhdywyn Can´t stop the Mimimi? How old are you, Kid? You are truly disgusting begging for being blocked. Crybaby :-D

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