so I'm sure everyone has seen that picture of north of Korea where it's blacked out

I found out today that photo was taken on board a satellite when north of Korea was experiencing a blackout

This is what north of Korea looks like most of the time

Even though I know the imperialists lie about everything - and I'm still shocked when something so blatant as this turns out to be complete horseshit

@Rhdywyn this actually blew my mind, for real? Is there any article about this?

@felix I got it off this

Then after I posted I google "Asia at night satellite" and DPRK does indeed appear dark

I'll try look into it more

@Rhdywyn I would expect that south Korea is much brighter than the north, because the shops and everything in the streets is crazy bright at night, compared to anything I saw in Europe. But obviously DPRK can't be all dark (at least if that with the power outage is true). So neither picture seems realistic to me.

@Rhdywyn @felix Every single photo I saw online shows North Korea dark. I find it hard to believe such a level of conspiracy exists. China has many satellites too, they could snap a photo in a more favorable moment and show the world. Also every single trip to the DPRK starts with the traveler complaining about the darkness of the city and the blackouts. All this in the "showcase city" of Pyongyang.
That image was most likely edited. I don't know what the author hopes to achieve by fabricating lies and complaining about them at the same time.
Unfortunately the economy of North Korea is quite precarious because no one wants to trade with them, although it is growing (depending which estimates you consider).

@Rhdywyn Oh hey, this is really cool to know! Thank you for sharing it

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