important reminder on the trots, left comms, identity politics pushers and other opportunists in the labour movement

Domenico Losurdo on how liberals created the totalitarian construct in order to label anything 'nonwestern' as its enemy

Daily mail and Sun journalists running back to their offices to write articles how Mays 3rd historic defeat is actually her playing a blinder.

I can't understate how much I fucking love X Com. From the originals to the opensource remake UFO: Alien Invasion to Xenonauts to the recent remakes.

I love me some turn based tactical alien invasion.

When Americans at the UN are talking but they cant say shit cos you already beat them on hard mode with rice paddy farmers

27 years ago the USSR was dissolved: ushering an era of unchecked violence and imperialism in the 3rd world (Yugoslavia/Middle east and Africa) and the dismantling of "capitalism with a human face" in the west. A step back for mankind.


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