social fascists in the Eu passing a resolution blaming ww2 on the molotov-ribbentrop pact

Not the british munich agreement or the fact France and Uk tacitly supported the fascists in Spains civil war.

Stalin begged the west for an anti nazi alliance but was rebuffed

death to EU

'opposing authoritarianism' is when you criticise other countries whilst living in a country with the highest incarceration rate on the planet

ie. The most imprisoned population on Earth

its interesting going on the twitter profiles of those that support the right wing Hong kong protests

They all seem to be begging American criminals that are running concentration camps like Trump, Pelosi, Bolton, Pence to 'liberate' hong kong

my reaction to an anarchist (with a rank opportunist like Emma Goldman in their name) leaving a slew of comments on my page because I dont support the cia\ned paid protestors fucking up Hong Kong in an attempt to destabilise China

Anarchist foreign policy always seems to march in lock step with the US state dept but anarchists irl seem to be decent.

Internet anarchists are the fucking worst

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