important reminder on the trots, left comms, identity politics pushers and other opportunists in the labour movement

Domenico Losurdo on how liberals created the totalitarian construct in order to label anything 'nonwestern' as its enemy

Saturday night to myself with the wife out. Any film recommendations?

All media I have will be taken down and replaced with new. I’ve decided to keep a more of a Twitter that is meant more for me, expresses the reality. Lately, I’ve been stuck on being an artist, and that’s caused a burnout. I hope with the starting anew, I feel less burnt.

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@audreyheart Well... If it somehow does convince you let me know and I'll offer to clear charges against you for a mere 9k!! :blobcatcoffee:

im not a communist i just think that the working class should seize control of the state and forcibly abolish the system of wage labor and own all property in common for the good of humanity

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