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Liberals/Anarchists/Trots: You tankies are conspiracy theorists for saying Hong Kong protestors are fueled by USA

Tankies: I mean, this is what the US does all the time...

Libs/As/Trots: Tankie tankie!

Trumps China advisor:

'opposing authoritarianism' is when you criticise other countries whilst living in a country with the highest incarceration rate on the planet

ie. The most imprisoned population on Earth

so communists have been saying since the US had reorientated itself away from islamic terrorism to great power conflict one of its goals is to see China return to its century of humiliation

Back when it was balkanised into pieces and a desperate and destroyed population fed opium by the British and Americans. A life expectancy of 39 before the communists threw them out in 1949

well here they are, advocating that in the open

if the situation was hopeless

their propaganda would be unnecessary

its interesting going on the twitter profiles of those that support the right wing Hong kong protests

They all seem to be begging American criminals that are running concentration camps like Trump, Pelosi, Bolton, Pence to 'liberate' hong kong

I'm in Brighton today. DM me if you want to meetup

I’d take libs Russophobia more seriously if they actually critiqued kremlin policy and recognized their involvement w Yeltsin’s rise to power of which Putin’s rise was a direct response to. But I’m guessing their just gonna use the same generic xenophobic laden tactics they use for Latin America & the Middle East.

Just sent a batch of toots to the lab for processing, should be ready in a day or two

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Attack posts on fire off the shoulder of Mumsnet.
I watched T-girls glitter in the dark near the Trannhäuser Gate.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to dilate.

"It's too bad she won't pass ... but then again, who does?"

Heartwrenching testimony of Nariyah who testified in tears to seeing babies thrown out of incubators by Saddam Hussein.

Her testimony would be used to justify the first Gulf War. George H Bush referred to her testimony multiple times

The problem?

She was the niece of the Kuwaiti ambassador and was coached by a PR firm

Everything she said was a lie

She was aired by ABC and reached an audience of up to 53 million americans

Cuban President @DiazCanelB reiterated his country's solidarity with #Venezuela during a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Cynthia Freeland upon her official visit to Havana.

my reaction to an anarchist (with a rank opportunist like Emma Goldman in their name) leaving a slew of comments on my page because I dont support the cia\ned paid protestors fucking up Hong Kong in an attempt to destabilise China

Anarchist foreign policy always seems to march in lock step with the US state dept but anarchists irl seem to be decent.

Internet anarchists are the fucking worst

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