People tell me farakhan is anti semite and theyve canceled him for one reason or another, but they really dont understand that military campaigns are not like book clubs. He stood up for people and put his personal safety on the line to protect the lives of others. Once you do that there are people who are never going to turn against you for your opinion.

stan lee is trending. hes still dead. I dont get very sad when people i dont know die, perhaps a little maudlin and nostalgic. But i do it again forever after.
"Birth and death exist not in the mind, not in you, as do also bondage and liberation. Good and evil are in the mind, and not in you. Beloved, why do you cry? Name and form are neither in you nor in me."

the nice thing about 'health realization' (mills and pransky) is it doesnt pretend to be something its not. it says that a lot of mental illnesses are healthy reactions to a broken environment. So they arent sick? No, they are still sick, they are just taking their own sweet time getting better :)

I love earthgang because its so witty and intelligent, and generally has a lot of wisdom,and then riight in the middle of it when you least expect it they drop a bomb thats a truth so awful it just puts everything else they said into different perspective because it all led up to that. And not taking the rest seriously all led up to the bomb.

I just went outside and did some yard work with themachette. It feels good. I was taught by a master woodsman and hunter who was also a consulting engineer and expert witness for insurance companies. for accidents and safety violations. Machette isthe most dangerous yard tool there is, but to me, its just like a fork and spoon

'Officially' I use the language of my people and i try to dumb it down for the legislators. Officially, they 'use' the legal language where every term is set by court battles and precedents and former laws. and they tryu to dumb it down for us. But in between those two languages is political pidgin

i tried kratom, didnt care for it much. recommended dosage made me feel like i had just enough coffee to get to sleep. I guess the people who invented coffee knew what they were doing when they picked the beans. but in much smaller dosages it does have a stimulating effect, like coffee. big deal. I'll stick to coffee. Only thing its good for is flavor, in tiny amounts. Tastes like coffee :)

i dont think ive had a fair fight since i became disabled 36 years ago. And it was kind of a relief. I never really minded winning or loosing but chivalry was a pain in the butt. there is no level playing field when you are disabled. When guile beats oppression, that's honorable.

I have to admit jesus sure does show up on a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches. As a hindu, i have to admit that some of my gods might make that happen just as a joke. To them it might mean 'eat more cheesus'

Im usually on black peoples side because i believe in human dignity and they are the ones who are most often denied it. and i learned that from them. all people are usually on their own side, but when human dignity was on my side, they stood up for me. Some who werent even on my side have stood up forme when human dignity was at issue. I want to be like them.

The difference between the suburb and the city is the only thing that makes you a nice person in the city is the way you act. In the suburb if you dress like me, people who dont know you treat you badly, and people who know you arent even that gracious in public, but in the city, so many people dress like i do that its only our manner that distinguishes people.

I like kanye but hes sure got the jesus bug bad. and theres no maybe about it, people who are even infected a little, are really a-dharma, even if they call themselves atheists but people like kanye who are out there pushing it on others, we dont even see his real self. just his interpretation

Avadhuta Gita reminds me of a student, who has come to the teacher to try and talk his way out of a task he has been given, and the teacher is telling him, its ok, he so great that the student wont mind the task at all.

Buddha said believe nothing unless you know it is true. And in the context of buddhism, that doesnt need any clarification. Ultimately we give up even what we know, so its no big deal that we reserve judgement even until then. Yet so many people try to twist those words because they want to be enslaved. They just cant accept freedom.

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