its so simple. cops are really like children. They dont go looking for trouble. if no one complains they generally keep to themselves. Its all about maintaining order in the society. And if you truely are responsible youll never have to uise it, no one will ever have to see it. If not, you pay a penalty, and maybe learn a lesson

if a child asks you for permission to do something that an adult never would ask permission for, its usually because they arent ready to take responsibility for it. The truth is that they ask because they know they are not responsible and they want you to take some of that responsibility. Its the same with guns. Just dont wave them around or leave them where a cop can find them.

So they post the headline which is oftyen a lie, meaning that the story does not mean what it says it means, and then the actual story is inaccessible to most of the people who see the headline, which is a lie. they lie to more people than they even pretend to tell any truth to :)

its not that i dont think the papers shouldbt be behind a paywal, its just that they shouldnt expect us to read it when we only get a to read a limited number of aricles. and they sure cant expect that the whole country is suddenly going to subscribe. In limiting their distribution they make themselves a second tier source. One that only a relatively fewer people see. And opinion anyway.

Music is intentionally subjective for me. When i find myself imposing objective standards i laugh because its just so absurd that i would waste my time, measuring art, which is by nature subjective, by an objective metric. And in that moment, during that laughter, I am in a purely subjective place. By experiencing it subjectively i get the most pleasure. dont stifle it, just laugh it off

Sign up for fame or sign up for money,
but they dont want to work and they think thats funny

a piece of knowledge is only as reliable as the weakest link in the chain of custody. and how weak or strong that you consider each link to be, you really shouldnt tell anyone. Because that is an attachment and if people know what your attachments are, they can use them to manipulate you.

whatever you do to your opponents in a primary expect them to do back toi you, if you ever get a real chance, so democrats need to excplain to me what they could possible do to make up for treating liberal like crap and selling out to nazis. Because i plan to have a lot of fun treating them that way, It looked fun when they were doing it to me, so im going to try it.

Anyway you look at it, generation x seriously damaged the status quoe and thats before hardly any of them are even in office. the ones that are are baby boomer suck ups :)

status quo was the enemy. When i was a child there was rumors of wire tapping but the political left denied it. then we exposed it and we exposed extraordinary rendering and torture and sex trafficking and and corruption in the fbi press and justice dept. people think the world is falling apart, i see it coming together :)

what i wanted was to expose the truth. What democrats wanted was people to work for them and support them to help lend them credibility when they cave in to republicans. What republicans wanted was a dictatorship. Everybody got what they wanted. I did this, with a simple paradigm shift. Democrats were reacting against me, republicans were reacting against them i was reacting against republicans, so when i changed, they all went down like domin ohs

people need to have more faith. They bought into authoritarianism a long log time ago, and spent decades normalizing it, dont they see hat they must have had a reason? clearly they knew they were evil and found a wat to cure themselves.

just to be clear, i think there is such a thing as female and 'black' privlege but white male privilege is bigger. ANd its not just a little bit bigger, its so much bigger that if they step on our toes now and then we should just understand that they have a very reason to be mad, and a compassionate human being would understand that and do what they can to make up for it.

I learned a lot from my drill sergeant in basic training. I was only 16, the youngest guy in the platoon, and i dont think he liked that very much. I was not a mature 16. But mainly, i learned to listen to people who were screaming at me hysterically, and yet at the same time, realize that the best way to help them isnt always by doing what they say. Their real job is to tell us what the officers told them, and the rest is just volume

I know i play this song too much, thats one reason i post it every time i do, but it fits so many different moods.
'Soul radiation in the dead of night '

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