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I'd love to follow some artists on here, so if you know any good ones post a link!

Hi I'm back for a while until twitter stops killing my spirit πŸ‘‹

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My sister has notified me that egg nog is on store shelves so I'll be busy until January

Twitter screenshot, reference to lolicon 

This is one of the funniest things I've ever read

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[having phone sex]

ME: and you're sitting there, sexy as hell, so fucking valid. So fucking valid! You deserve the world

HER: could you cut down on the performative feminism, please

ME: --and you're paid 77 cents on the dollar and its such a fucking same, and

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banky did wot? mental, mate. the absolute lad.

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it rules that Klingons believe in gods but also believe that they were killed by ancient Klingon warriors for being irritating

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Btw I don't actually know what the drama is about so I apologize if my prior toot was in bad taste

Feeling good about not joining the instance named after a meme that stopped being funny a week after it was created. I'm very sorry for all the people looking to migrate again.

The word I was looking for is 'recuperation'

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