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Mouse isn't even a year old and the middle button is already failing.

Update: I popped the little blue thing on the top off with little tabs you can reach through the battery hole. The electrical switch itself is fine, but the thing that holds the wheel has decided not to go down far enough unless I push down and back hard.

I sent a warranty replace request. Given I replaced a near identical mouse with the same problem from the same company, I expect little from the replacement. Fortunately, I can afford a better mouse if needed now thanks to Mastodon!

@Riley of corpse it depends on the brand and how "heavy" your average usage is. Eg. i'm a keyboard crusher, because I learned typing mostly on IBM Model M and similar verrry robust keyboards. Right now I'm smashing my way through the Sharkoon Skiller (Mech) SKG1, which just after about 2 months 9f use starts to show signs of mechanical "wear n tear".

Mice live in a similar kind of .. purgatory. Thus, I've been using gaming mice exclusively for some time /1

@ginsterbusch Any in particular to recommend? I'll probably have to go that route if the replacement they (hopefully) send fails on me.

@Riley guess I never finished my answer .. but: Most of what Sharkoon produces has been very reliable so far (Sharkoon Sharkforce, Draconia, etc.). Only the mice, not the keyboards (at least the Skiller Mech SKG1 is already starting to fluke out after about 3 months of use).

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@ginsterbusch I ended up getting a G602. At least this way if the buttons fail, I can remap them while I wait for warranty replacement!

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