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I got tired of slogging through templates that pull in 30MB of JavaScript to display a simple webpage, so I'm brushing up and doing it myself. (you can already sign up, but I want a shiny sales page for it

It's currently 8KB and uses standard HTML and CSS. It is flexible and responsive.

theory thing: Upbeat melody + bassy instrument with long notes makes for a feel of impending doom.

Anyone who's played Majora's Mask probably understands this one. :3

Now with a synth and some refinements to the melody, it's pretty nice.

I poke fun at theory a lot, but that's just because I think it's easy to get lost in it and forget it's just there to help when needed. Sometimes I dip into some random bit of theory when I'm out of ideas.

For example:

gentle pads like a small kitten, arpeggios like a big kitten

vroom vroom buzz buzz

I'm pondering a remake of my Future City album for my new musicsona.

Hello, new tooters! I make electronic and electronic music accessories.

What I post here:
* All kinds of stuff

* Tiny music videos of experimental sounds

What I post on Patreon
* Synth presets, MIDIs, stems, guides, other bits and pieces you can use in your own music.

See below for a sample of something I'm working on.

One thing I'm going to do once my Patreon gets more subscribers is buy the full version of Sylenth. It sounds really good. Check it out.

And subscribe!

Anyone with sheet reading skills want to take a crack at this and see if it's actually playable? I don't know how reliable Reaper's notation generation is.

Goodbye is to the past me who abandons stuff and makes up excuses, who lets the unkind, unsupportive words of those around me become a weight around my neck.

Hello is to the future, where I keep making alongside the other things I enjoy.

This EP is name your own price. Boost this and help me launch the next jump into my future. ❤️