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I had a revelation about the relationship between chords and scales.

I forget where I found this pack of pre-made foldable clips for all the different scales but it's super useful.

Notes in chords are always two scale degrees apart no matter what kind of chord it is. It's probably obvious to someone with good music theory knowledge, but it was a surprise to me.

I'm really looking forward to getting my keyboard. I made a little housey beat in the Ableton trial last night in 5 minutes. Doing the same would have been an hour fighting Reaper's MIDI roll.

The code is for Lite, but the only real limitations are 8 tracks, and you only get the core library. I can do what I did in it, and more. And I've already thought of ways to manage the limits for more complex projects (like saving clips in the Library when I need to bump it).

Anyone know where I can get free, royalty-free police siren samples for various countries to go with this species knob?

I got tired of slogging through templates that pull in 30MB of JavaScript to display a simple webpage, so I'm brushing up and doing it myself. (you can already sign up, but I want a shiny sales page for it

It's currently 8KB and uses standard HTML and CSS. It is flexible and responsive.

theory thing: Upbeat melody + bassy instrument with long notes makes for a feel of impending doom.

Anyone who's played Majora's Mask probably understands this one. :3

Now with a synth and some refinements to the melody, it's pretty nice.

I poke fun at theory a lot, but that's just because I think it's easy to get lost in it and forget it's just there to help when needed. Sometimes I dip into some random bit of theory when I'm out of ideas.

For example: