there is no way this old ass elephant had the trunk dexterity to operate a paper plane. plus, it is extinct. so what the fuck


The "Hide everything from this instance" option in your profile is an instance block, not an instance silence.

What that means for you:

1) You will unfollow everyone on the server you suspend
2) You will be unable to interact with anyone from the server you suspend

It is not a mute, it is a block


Made this awhile back and put it on twitter and Sean Chipman retweeted it and everyone was VERY impressed.

You know, I'm starting to hit my stride when it comes to logo design and I've hashed out a number of vector pieces for interested folks!

Did you want one? Feel free to fill out a commission form here! and check out my other work at

Did you know that screenreaders are reading out the emojis in your usernames? Maybe consider making it just one or getting rid of them alltogether.


if you want to ensure safe travels across the deep web make sure you have at least one furry in your exploration party

@puresick @nolan @slightlyoff I just got a 6s Plus (A9) for exactly this reason. 3 years old and it still flies and gets updates. I think I'll probably get years out of it before it feels slow.

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@catgirl I remember the dual surprise of "cool, Mastodon profiles have RSS feeds!" and "wait Twitter used to have that"

@Tom I unironically send this show’s theme to friends.

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@videogameenjoyer The first one looks like a Grindr profile picture.

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