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I like this trend of startups having fursonas.

@theoutrider Thanks to this guide, I actually know what that is!

Also, also: I'm realizing computer science is a lot like music theory. Knowing when to quick jort and when to AVL is like knowing when to first-species counterpoint and when to fifth-species counterpoint.

There's a ton of stuff you can learn, but just knowing a few basics can change your whole way of thinking.

I got tired of slogging through templates that pull in 30MB of JavaScript to display a simple webpage, so I'm brushing up and doing it myself. (you can already sign up, but I want a shiny sales page for it

It's currently 8KB and uses standard HTML and CSS. It is flexible and responsive.

I think I'm going to close and forget about this 37 comment Hacker News thread on Chelsea Manning while it has no misgendering.

Some historian is going to get real confused in 2000 years when they dig up a hard drive with info on a social network invented by a cartoon character.

Wherein one of the developers of Dance Dance Revolution offers to release a baremetal c graphics library he developed for the game and ported to the pi

Wherein said developer drops the code

Me listening to a song by Fox Amoore called Out of Position that makes football references: "I wonder if this is about the book"

I was referred to this album by some game maker person on here, but didn't get around to listening until now. Good vibrations.

I also spent entirely too much time worrying if my 15 minute EPs were "enough" back when I was on my once a month project. Just checked and Tom's EP is about 15 minutes, but I didn't give a single thought to length when buying it. Just liked the music and wanted it.

Now I wonder what internal pressures led to aggressive updates and setting resets in Windows 10.

"An organization, sooner or later, ships its org chart as its product; the Windows organization was no different. Open source doesn’t have that problem."

"And if in the last-minute rush of Christmas buying, some of our salespeople should be too tired to give you a smile, may we ask you to leave one of yours? ... For nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give!"