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No I am not your "pimp" no I am not your "pimpette" you are employing swerf language and will be rightfully banned.

Aaahhh!! [in a really shitty accent] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [back to regular white guy voice] go to bed!! 🙈 its getting late for a senator! 😊

to all new members migrating from tumblr: cw stands for "child warning" and ec stands for "extra cheese" good luck out there

looking to get my turkey stuffed like the fat bottomed pilgrims of old

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Boost if you are currently eating Indian leftovers for lunch. Otherwise fave and move on

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reminder that the grinch is an anti-semitic trope and that I will be blocking anyone who grinchposts this holiday season

i love being a psycho weirdo freak online. just kidding that shit sucks

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love to wear my beanie "dumbass style"

Stan Lee... that can't be his real name

thinking about getting into anime so my wife can divorce me without any hard feelings

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jomny: good luck finding my basemnent. in only a few hours the bodies will be fully dissolved in acid and me and the money will be long gone speeding the fuck down the interstate.
me: ?

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