isn't it getting time that a mobo should come with an sd card port and whenever it's powered up with an sd card there and *no cpu installed* it should read the file firmware.bin from the sd card and write it to the firmware... it's imho inane that you can buy mobo A and cpu B and than discover that you first need to install cpu C to update the firmware on A so that A actually knows how to deal with B and until you do, A+B doesn't even post/beep, it's a brick ]

"The present is already here, it’s just not well distributed yet."

Not Pranks 

These are not :
- Bothering
- Bigotry
- Lying
- Bullying
- Harassment

"Why Every Prank Eventually Goes Wrong"

In the future everyone will be shamed for 15 minutes

People make mistakes that's why they put rubbers on the ends of pencils.

When life is…

Difficult? Find better methods.

Easy? Find a challenge.

Scary? Keep breathing & pay attention.

Lost? Make camp. Explore. Map.

Worries about markets and money… 

I’m worried

Central banks are pumping (newly created) billions and even trillion into the financial markets and there is no change in inflation.

Stock prices are artificial high bc of buy backs, fake stocks.

It kinda looks like we’re been in a (western?) recession (2016?) and politics has only made it more hidden and way worse.

Avoid anything virtual, packaged, or complicated: Invest in simple things that hold value, forget about making profit until it's over

Everyone have a right to BE safe

No-one has a right to FEEL safe.

Feelings aren't rational.

Feelings are way too often weaponized by (relative) privilege.

We can not accept subjective feelings as objective truth without a proper self-analysis, revealing our own biases and, more importantly, the actual power dynamic between us and The Other, etc... if only to make sure we're not fooling ourselves.

Never point fingers unless you are willing to use deadly force

"There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."
— John Adams

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