boutique handheld discourse has me really wishing there was a homebrew platform that excelled at:
- cheap, widely available, open (as much as possible) hardware
- SDK + simulator that runs on anything
- large community of people hacking on it & sharing knowledge
- diverse, welcoming culture that views games as an art form, doesn't care about the boundary between "game" and other stuff

@jplebreton the gamepark holdings (not gamepark) handhelds had vaguely the right idea but with the last one being 2010, hadn't a hope in hell against the juggernaut of new-indie on consoles and handhelds having tanked in price.

There used to be a rather vibrant scene around homebrew devices in the early 2000's (and using devices for homebrew beyond emulators and doom) but well, you know the rest.


@jplebreton though I wouldn't call it diverse by a long shot, it was certainly more accepting a culture than what we steamrollered over a lot of it with. It saddens me that pico8, bitsy, even twine have been pushed to the fringes because we rebuilt games as a more monolithic beast and despite protestations, essentially forced this stuff to be outside. But I guess it also gets to continue to exist vaguely undisturbed so swings and roundabouts.

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