The colour work can be a bit inconsistent in this game, probably because after all this time and veering between painted and photorealistic styles and that but when it's right, it's as right as can be.

No filter/lighting adjustment on this, straight up shot from sitting in a volcano. As you do.

Definitely huge, huge, huge improvements in the coherence stakes with Prism but there's still a couple of world types that mainly just look a bit ass. I've never really got one with the 'special' world types that largely spam the same handful of objects at a really high density and the volcanic worlds I've stumbled onto all share a similar ugliness.

It's partly the more photorealistic ground textures that do it, I think. The empty worlds have a fantastic Bava-esque set vibe to them that hangs together better.

But! Also, I am happier with the mismatched visuals than when it was all too perfectly tuned so there is that.

@RobF don't suppose you'd know, but has the initial experience been sorted out? I still really wanna play.

@korruptor Assuming it's the same as the first expedition, it was about half an hour from start to gallivanting. Not painless but I didn't want to spoon my eyes out anymore.

The second expedition gave (gives?) everyone starting a huge leap - roamer, decent ship and a freighter within an hour, so perhaps one of those might be a better bet. You can ignore the fomo bits as it converts to a normal save when the expedition is over.

@RobF Something I'd always hoped they'd do (but probably isn't happening now) is modulating the "chaos" of random planet deco (and other stuff like weather) so that the closer to a galaxy's center you got, the wilder (and more potentially dangerous, on the sim side) things were. It seems like they settled in pretty conservative territory as far as making sure the game never serves up anything "bad" and it contributes to the homogeneity of several things.

@trini it's a squid. I've only stumbled onto two in near 2,000 hours on this particular save, though there's probably some portal codes on the internet to one - there is for most everything else.

@RobF Ah, "squid", thanks. I've not played in a bit (but it was coming up on my todo list) and I can probably free up another ship slot for one of those.

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