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Happy 2022!
We wish you a year full of strength, love and good health with all the endeavours 2022 has in store for you.

Happy New Year 🎉! This week in KDE: Dolphin gets root operations, Konsole lets select applications, and KWin nets > 8-bit colorizations... (in Wayland).


Don't let proprietary software marketing dollars give you a false sense of security -- your devices are vulnerable. Understand the risks, and promote free software. Start the conversation in your community today! #FreeSoftware fsf.org

I spent some time building signal-rs (git.sr.ht/~nicohman/signal-rs) for the #Librem5 (well, the Librem 5 spent time on it, more than 12 hours, #rust ;-) ), it worked. If you want to do the same, head over to forums.puri.sm/t/axolotl-libre

Witness this Christmas miracle: iOS proof of concept got funded in 3 days! funding.monerujo.app

just a reminder that with online accounts we never really own anything. I'd like to recommend GOG as much as possible, sadly their unwillingness to do anything to support Linux at all makes it difficult to do so.

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Ok, we bite. (pun intended)
You asked for it, and now funding for us to look into making an iOS app is open at funding.monerujo.app
Are we ready to step beyond the idyllic garden of Android?

The main website will be offline, due to maintenance. The forum, Discovery and ARM are still available.

I've still got it.
FULL COMBO with @acdc@twitter.com's "Shot in the Dark!
(@RockBand@twitter.com, Pro Drums/Expert Difficulty)

Who says video games can't be healthy? 💪
I just burned nearly 500 calories playing @RockBand@twitter.com 🥁for an hour.

What is a Content Collaboration Platform and why you should self-host it - all covered on this page!


Ever wondered how we get our sources each week?

Presenting a new (podcast-only!) bonus episode covering our recommendations for staying up-to-date in this messy world.

Already live on our website and podcast clients: surveillancereport.tech/episod

Question for ALL individuals or teams creating and maintaining a #Linux distribution: where do you struggle most in getting coverage for your distro?

I'd like to share your challenges and try to help in the process. DMs are open!

Check out this weeks awesome #DestinationLinux #podcast 255! 😂🐧

We have an interview with the creator of Lutris, Mathieu Comandon! 🐧🎮

+#KDE and our #Linux tips, tricks & picks!

#LinuxGaming #steamdeck


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