Coming this April from Archie Comics- Jughead: The Hunger VS Vampironica! Featuring this VHS rental box tribute cover by me.

In comic shops everywhere today, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #4 from Dynamite Comics. Variant cover by me.

I just got my comp copies of Elvira #4 from Dynamite Comics. Hitting comic shops everywhere next week 1/16.

The Vol. 1 graphic novel is getting another printing, this time with a photo of the astoundingly awesome @kiernanshipka on the cover (courtesy of @sabrinanetflix.)

Look for it in comic shops later this month.

It is still a genuine thrill to find my stuff in the bookstores and libraries that I love and frequent. Saw Sabrina prominently displayed in NYC's The Strand the other day(right next to A Walk Through Hell, which I have a page in).

Hey people's of mastadon, it's last call for retailers to order Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep #1. Let your local shop know you want it. And for those who like that sort of thing, I'll be doing variant covers.

Oh hey, I had a comic come out yesterday. Mars Attacks #3 from Dynamite Comics with more of my nonsense on the cover. The original plan for this cover was to title it "Incel Invasion" but I didn't think it would be a joke that would age well, and that their sad little pity party will fade into obscurity.

My variant cover for Dynamite Comics' Mars Attacks #5. The final issue of this run (with more issues to come, I believe). I've had a blast adding my bit of weirdness to the history of Mars Attacks.

Catching up on Saturday Night Live from a couple weeks ago and holy shit- my art was in a sketch! Surreal.

The design sfx team behind Chilling Adventures of Sabrina had quite a task in translating my character designs to the screen, but goddamn, they absolutely nailed it.

Regular and fancy (i.e. expensive) autographed edition of my Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep cover. No idea how limited the autographed version will be, but I'll be signing them around the time of release.

My cover for February's issue of The Lollipop Kids, from Aftershock Comics.

I mentioned that I have 3 comics coming out tomorrow, but it turned out to be 4. All from different publishers. Cover art by me.

I have three comics with my covers coming out this week... this explains why I am always working and never seem to get enough sleep. Eh, self-care is probably overrated.

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