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“Peter Wright, author of ‘Spycatcher,’ says that Ustinov was discovered by another member of the British intelligence community a short time before his death, selling books from his library to supplement his income.”

“Those sub-par web pages practically scream a principle that's responsible for making them sub-par web pages: keep users in our clutch. That is, keep users on our website, and ensure that any interactions that occur support the goal of attracting and keeping users on our website.”

“Zmiivka commands a dramatic view of the Dnieper river and is mostly made up of modest single story houses. Each has a garden to grow fruit and veg as well as a yard for chickens, geese and an apparently mandatory dog.”

“My coff (sic) has grown to a whoping (sic) coff now. Don't tell Mr Pellatt (the headmaster) cause just this morning he said that nun (sic) of us had coffs.I am afraid that I do not like school very much.”

“Look at the apps on your phone right now. Are you sure you are comfortable with what’s going to happen when everyone’s running the same apps that you are?”

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