@z3ntu Oh, yes! Sorry, this year is a tough one and I'm quite absent from coding. I'm far from any computer right now, but I'll give it a shot between today late, 👍

@RoboePi I'm sorry but this Makefile is horrible. Not directly YOUR Makefile but in general Makefiles... Make is doing whatever it wants to do...

@RoboePi Okay well half of it was my fault for copy pasting but still, Makefiles aren't really transparent in what they are doing imo

@RoboePi Also I've updated the PR with your suggestions


@z3ntu It looks good now! There's a blank line in L49 I'm not sure about…
I'll approve it in a couole of days, once I can build and flash it, 👌
Thanks! 😊

@RoboePi Would be especially great to 18.10.0 out as it has the bootloader fix to fix the restart out of the charging mode

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