@tom79 @shellkr Please, don't do this. I'm using , but I appreciate your project.

has influence over the community. It won't be good to start applying cognitive-cultural capitalist strategies like . We want to be better than that, that's why we free our tools and protocols: to not trick or deceit users or anyone.

Rather stop Gobble Play updates at all or continue delivering on-time, stable releases there, please. Don't turn evil like them.

@RoboePi @tom79 So you think it is more correct to give the already strong and privileged an upper hand? Giving the more ethical choice an upper hand is not wrong.

And it is not artificial scarcity as the version will be available.. just slightly delayed.

@shellkr @tom79 I'm ok with Tom taking the decision to not distribute by Gobble Play if that's their will! I want to make that point clear. But I'm not ok with using tactics, like delaying updates **on purpose**.

It's an unethical strategy, even when the alternative is more ethical. It reminds me to the ones we're trying to fight. We won't be no better doing that.

@RoboePi @tom79 Artificial scarcity would be to not offer it on Play store.... delaying is not. As delaying will not lead to scarcity.

Yes, we would be better... as it is the more ethical choice.. i.e. a more ethical strategy. It is like choosing to bicycle instead of taking the car.

@shellkr @tom79 Delaying without technical reason means there will be artificial scarcity _for that period_. On purpose. The term is neatly defined on e.g. Wikipedia:

Not delivering in Gobble Play just means Tom doesn't want to use his time or is sick to care for that platform, which is understandable and totally ok.

We won't be better if we _deceit_ the user's ability to choose.

@RoboePi @tom79 You should probably read that link yourself...

It can not be scarcity if it is still fully available. Which it would be.

You could however argue that not offering it on Play store would be to impose scarcity. Although I don't really agree to this as Fdroid is free for everyone to download.

Making a delay... is sure as hell not scarcity by any means.

@shellkr @tom79 Hey, I wasn't disrespectful to you. Take care of your words.

I already explained the difference before, but you keep repeating that literalist argument again and again. I also pointed the cognitive-culture capitalism context for anyone to get informed.

It is now obvious I cannot make you see beyond the words to understand the _term_. Since I did my best, I'm off this discussion.

Have a good day!

@tom79 @shellkr Some context: I've been using with for at least 6 years (they were called and back then). It took me a while to migrate all my proprietary apps and, specially, services to libre counterparts.

It's hard. Most people won't do it never, others can't because e.g. they rely on MDMs for their work. But they also deserve discovering libre apps for using libre services. Specially great, featureful apps like yours, so they could engage.

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