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I forgot to put on my watch this morning so the day is already ruined.

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futzing with 3D printer settings all the ding-dong night.

dot social is my only fortress of online-ity i dont care how many decapitated heads or cabbages are catapulted over the walls THIS IS MY HOME OK

*cracks knuckles*
Time to code!
*computer somehow explodes*

Today I get to find out what my annual raise and bonus will be this year, so I'll soon be either making it rain at the club or checking the health effects of living entirely on Ramen.

There is no in between.

Yo dawg I heard you like pivot tables so I made a pivot table of your pivot table.

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Please remember that it is against the rules of to harass anyone, no matter how much you feel they deserve it or how acceptable you think it is.

If you need a reason why, imagine that suddenly it was a meme on Mastodon for people to send YOU, personally, unsolicited messages telling you how much you suck and making fun of you.

If you need a refresher on our rules, you can find them here:

Monday gets all the hate but Wednesday sucks too tbh

Personally I like policies against harassing strangers.

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