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🍑✨ @Rockmeannadeus

the concept of like
meeting up with a friend for lunch or something??
is wild to me like that doesn't exist right

i really want
a nice friend
in my city who i can just hang out with

when your cute coworker is wearing a pin that says "i like girls in a GAY way" 😵😵😵

*holds in my pee all break until i clock back in so i can get paid to pee* take THAT capitalism!

@lycaon okay that makes it a little more clear!! i still don't totally get it but i'll probably do some googling so i can figure it out!

i literally have no idea how mastodon works i don't know what instances are i'm Computer Dumb

why do i keep talking to people who annoy me and love playing the devil's advocate?? why do i value garbage social interaction that makes me unhappy? why don't i value myself and my happiness and instead work towards finding good, fulfilling relationships? i shouldn't be this desperate lmao

kinda gross body stuff probably not for the squeamish Show more

kinda gross body stuff probably not for the squeamish Show more

i'm really loving hello my twenties so they only rational thing to do is.....stop watching it so it never has to end? 🤷🏻‍♂️

wow here's a hot tip, newly discovered, never before seen information, gonna blow your minds

interacting with mostly cis dudes all the time is..........really draining 💀

i'm not Good at being alone and i'm not good at leaving my house because the world is really overwhelming and honestly.......why do you do this brain

lmao scared for the day when mike gets a job and is gone during the day and i have to handle being alone

i both want to date song from hello my twenties and also emulate her aesthetic 😭 she's so cool and cute

this episode of hello, my twenties is setting up like it's going to be really shamey towards one of the girls for being a sex worker and let me just say - please don't 😰

when a straight dude who is repeatedly the worst all the time says something bad and people are....surprised? i just.....please 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

hmmm not to bring birdsite stuff to here but i'm making it illegal for straight men to talk about kinks is that ok

this show is is WEIRD and i love it. i love cute girls in a weird show

hello, my twenties is making me......so gay tonight...................