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ethereal shrimp 🍀✨

vinny: "just another reason why game of the year gets weird....putting artificial time limits on my enjoyment"
jeff: "you know you don't HAVE to do it! all you guys do for 11 months outta the fucking year is complain about GOTY"
vinny: "that's not true we complain about E3 as well!"

danny: "is that the cost of a human life? $1200?"
jeff: "seems a little high if you ask me"

is it too early for an air conditioner? probably

me, 2 weeks ago when it was cold and snowy: "why have you forsaken me mother nature"
me now, unable to get comfortable cause it's too hot in my apartment: "touchΓ©"

"it's spring and getting dressed is fun again" looks

my 2 year old cousin is non-verbal so a therapist is teaching him and my aunt sign language so that he can communicate with everyone easier and that's really cool? i guess he's picking it up really quickly that's so dope

BEN, READING FROM CHAT: what's the point of bullet bills being sentient? they're still fired like regular bullets.

JEFF: [long pause]

JEFF: it's a hell of a life.

my family is coming to visit us this summer :)

made this dress, gonna have to make a few adjustments before i make a second one but it turned out ok

got a an anxiety-inducing thing i want to happen so if y'all could send me some positive vibes i would appreciate it!! 🀞🀞🀞

state of rhode island release my tax return coward

*on a character select screen*
Ben: She looks like a librarian, but I'm picking the goth color scheme.

Jeff: Goth books, man... that's my favorite country singer.

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ben: "did you know that the longest piece of recorded english literature is a super smash-"
jeff: "yep"
ben: "-bros brawl fanfic?"
jeff: "of course i have- of course i knew that! my life is a nightmare why wouldn't i know that! those are precisely the facts i was built to retain!"

i mean she probably wears foundation but her skin looks so GOOD all the time

me watching any waypoint stream: "i wonder what danika's skincare routine is"

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EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER is looking for a character artist!!

* Paid position
* Artstyle similar to the one seen below
* Must be able to draw a variety of body types
* Q/T/PoC preferred

Email hthrflowers@gmail with portfolio if you're interested!!

it's probably not real but it still made my broke-ass heart leap into my throat lmao