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ethereal shrimp 🍀✨

how do i take on a leadership role at work when i don't feel like most of my coworkers respect me 😟

i've been watching a lot of british pathΓ© for sewing inspiration and let me just say!!!!! ya boy is inspired!!!!!

i want this freaking haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!! let ME be a cute 60s model thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looking back on this day, I can say that I was lovingly bisexual.

« No instance of fandom petulance has ever been dunked on this hard by creators »

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gay goth nite is the same night as the royal rumble shit!!!!!!!!!!!! i gotta see that women's rumble match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know is only january buuuuuuuuuuuuuut......i'm gonna start sewing summer clothes πŸ‘‹

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