Is there an easy to use thing you can point a url at to find out what facebook buttons, pixels and other tracking things are running on it? (I feel like a lot of EU website managers might have this question soon.)

@philgyford there's no time to discuss this now, I'm trying to log on to the Flickr to see @benterrett's restaurant meeting photos

@philgyford it had never occurred to me that a T1 was about a T1 longer than a Q1 but have checked the maths and you are clever

It's a good day when you get the numbers of tabs stored in Onetab below 12k

@Quasimondo I suppose we've had the idea that anything can be art since readymades, though it always implied an artist saying "this is my art". Maybe machines need a human flunky to point and go "this is art".

I just cooked pasta on the top of a wood burning stove and next I am going to stockpile prawn cocktail crisps and get a camo pattern bandana

@philgyford @mala I think the fund should be called Things Happen. Or Should This Fund Be Illegal?

I thought Matt Levine very good on financial literacy and CFDs yesterday @philgyford

@Quasimondo where's a good place to read more about your fascinating term neurealism?

I dreamed that I'd airbnbed Jack Donaghy's lakeside retreat. Full of art (which I might try making)

If newspapers can condense a 583-page draft Withdrawal agreement down to a single article, surely I can get this white paper down to a tweet

@migurski ace. And how come you haven't aged at all?

@matthew would I still be @Rod on yours? Will there then be two @rods? The instances/namespaces thing is a bit confusing.

Does have themes? Because light text on a dark background is barbaric.

@philgyford I'm emotionally level, perfectly satisfactory. Well done getting paid to act!

@philgyford your excellent weeknotes have prompted me to log back in here and see what's happening.

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