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My First Toot ( Post )
I am Roger Verhoeven write about Excited to be here 馃嚦馃嚤

BTW I use the great Profile Picture of on
No I hope ..that"s ok 馃槼

Write this before on April 26 Use must be


My Blogs/Socialmedia on One Place Be Free to Connect with

Another good place to find people to follow is #Trunk, an opt-in directory of Fediverse users who are looking for followers:

Interesting videos from across the Fediverse:

鉃★笍 @FediVideos

Hints and tips on how to use Mastodon and the Fediverse:

鉃★笍 @feditips

If someone posts something that breaks your instance's rules, you can report them to your instance admin. The admin will then decide what action to take, such as a warning or a ban.

Click on the "..." underneath the message you want to report, select "Report", make sure at least one message is selected and click "Submit".

If they are from another instance, there's also an option to report the person to their own instance admin too, who can delete the account.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Moderation

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Have you been tagged in a conversation that you're not interested in, but you don't want to mute or block anyone?

You can mute just that conversation by going to one of the messages in the thread, clicking "..." and selecting "Mute Conversation".

#MastoTips #FediTips #Muting

You can discover interesting accounts to follow on Mastodon and the rest of the Fediverse at:

鉃★笍 @FediFollows

You can watch interesting videos from across the Fediverse at:

鉃★笍 @FediVideos

Topics I blog on:

and - desktop is Manjaro KDE

and - my passions

- tech which is making us greener

especially with FOSS

- I have a BMW R1200GS

- I do play WoT

and - with a view of tech being used here

- wish I'd discovered it 40 yrs back

- focus on the tech

- a new hobby


鈥嬸煄 Owncast 0.0.3 is out! 馃帀

This is pretty amazing! An open-source video streaming service that comes with batteries included: live chat, adaptive bitrate streaming, an admin interface.

Think of it as a self-hosted Twitch alternative!

Check out the demo instance:

馃敆 Home

Beginner鈥檚 Guide To Get Email Account At Disroot 鈥 岬岬標 岽贯祪岫準扳伇鈦酷祲刷 鈬 is an interactive map of the fediverse. It鈥檚 a way to visualize and understand the communities that exist on here, and to help people discover new instances.

It鈥檚 a libre and open-source project & development can be followed on GitLab:

Feedback is more than welcome 鈥 feel free to contact me here or on GitLab with ideas/suggestions!

software is not real. it died a long time ago

i would type sentences about my open-source work here but the problem is that all my programming is for a different social media platform

tumblr was already my favourite social media site just by default since it was the first one i started using, but it's now still my favourite site due to it being so very very programmable for

no i will not ever run my own mastodon instance

keeping the local timeline open as i toot to make sure i have chosen the correct visibility snetting

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